2010 February

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Tender Loving Care

http://www.pregnant-tits.com/fs/ebony_gyno_exam/images/IMG_7860.jpegMichelle Brown was 34 years old and had been a nurse at the
Lexington Sports Medical Clinic for almost two years. One of the best
medical facilities of its kind, it often played host to a variety of
professional, college, and weekend athletes. The usual injuries ran
from a bad sprain or compound fracture to a totally destroyed knee.

Most of the patients were male, and were usually very young.
Every day the halls were filled with men whose bodies had been molded
to physical perfection. Michelle always had a weakness for jocks.
Even though she had been married for five years, and her husband was
no less lacking in physical looks, Michelle couldn’t help but get an
erotic charge dealing with all of those hard bodied men.

Some days it was an agony for her to just look. It was
Saturday afternoon when they had brought in Craig Thomson. He was the
star halfback from the local university and had dislocated his knee in
the season championship. One look at him as the doctors did their
examination told her that this time she had to do more than look.

The nursing supervisor was more than glad when she volunteered
for the graveyard shift… After all, few of the young unmarried
nurses wanted to work midnight to morning, especially on the weekend.
Her husband wasn’t too happy about it but right now she wasn’t
thinking about him.

It was the second night, about two in the morning that she let
herself into Craig’s room. She stood there in the semi-darkness
admiring his body. Craig stood about six foot four, and weighed two
hundred and sixteen pounds. IMG_7868.jpegEvery ounce was hard muscle, sculptured
like a stature of some Greek god. What her husband and most of her
friends would find so shocking was that Craig’s skin was as dark as
the night.

Somehow her presence must’ve alarmed Craig. He jerked awake
and looked around.


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