2010 March

bdsm medical fetish story

this is fantasy story but you can surely get the real stuff there:
hog tied, sex and submission,nipples torture, beaten ass.
Amateur Casting Couch: Gia DiMarco Amateur Casting Couch: Gia DiMarco sex submission

Wren 19 (Part 1 of 2)
By SmCyber@aol.com
Two weeks later troubled Frauline Anja Van Almseck and Katrine
Finnigan have been brought together for the first time. Both
have been systematically fucked and beaten many teams in the
previous weeks. The fucking and beatings have been perpetrated at
varying times during the days and nights, leaving both women
utterly exhausted and terrified as neither would have ever
thought possible. Under their blue prison smocks their bodies to
an inexperienced eye would appear untouched. But the multiple
fucking have left countless small bruises and scratches on both of
them. Anja’s muscular body looked unchanged until one looked
closely. Her thick dark hair hid her sex slot but not her arse
hole. Her anus, has for instance, become severely slack,
slightly open in fact, and is surrounded by the red angry
membrane of her sphincter as the tiny star of her anus was
repeatedly sodomised until it is an “O” shape, like a toothless
mouth waiting for its next meal. She walks most carefully as a
result. Katrine’s blonde cunt hair cannot hide the red,
swollen condition of her sex- again the results of her repeated
fucking. Her boyish, punk body shows more of the bruises than
Anja’s tougher, more muscular body- black and blue bruises
covering her breasts and buttocks mainly. Both women will
shortly be stripped naked restrained and experimented on by SAS
medics. Each medic needs to be de-sensitised, every medic has a
duel role in the field, medic to the team, inquisitor to the
enemy. Both women now look dramatically different from how they
looked the day they arrived at Hereford, but still the
fundamental differences exist.

German terrorist Anja is dark,
muscular and very feminine, mature, angry and despite several
beatings still rebellious. In contrast, the other subject,
Katrine on the other hand, the one time IRA runner, has blonde
hair, petite boyish looks, she was until her arrival innocent.
Now to avoid pain she has become very submissive and is
definitely no longer a virgin. Being led slowly into the clinic
by their personal guards neither girl lifted her head as they
shuffled into the brightly lit room their feet hobbled by ankle
chains. Aware of a number of people in the room Katrine was the
first to look up. There alongside two black topped tables were
six to eight SAS army medics in long white coats. Anja raised
her head moments later and being five years senior to Katrine
immediately recognised the black topped tables as Gynaecological
examination couches, ” ohh no” she moaned silently as her legs
gave way under her. Katrine stared at the prostrate Anja with a
genuinely puzzled look. For a fleeting moment Katrine had
thought she was about to receive Medical treatment. The Dr in
charge of the days practical training section calmly asked for
the collapsed Anja to be lifted and placed onto the right hand
couch and Katrine to be placed on the other. The two guards who
had escorted the girls to the clinic worked as a team and lifted
the still standing Katrine onto her couch and the hysterical
Anja off the floor onto the other. Without waiting for
instructions both soldiers crouched down and removed the ankle
chains off each of the girls feet. As the soldiers
dispassionately removed the chains, the frightened young women
remained still, their pale faces showing clearly that they were
too frightened to resist even as the fear of what was to come
clearly showed in their eyes. The guards removed the hand cuffs
before slipping the blue prison smocks over the heads of both
girls. Both girls had to lean forward slightly to allow the rear
of their smock to be pulled out from under their buttocks.

doctor051.jpgTossing the smocks casually over a nearby chair the guards
completed their duties by positioning each of the naked girls on
their backs on the couches. Before leaving each guard secured
his girl wrists to a shackle in the couch directly under the
nape of her neck. Each girl now looked as though she was simply
lying casually on the table supporting her head with her hands.
Finally broad leather straps were positioned around each girls
belly to secure them firmly to the couches. As Katrine was being
strapped down, Anja cracked, she began to scream madly, twisting
her body and kicking wildly with her feet. But she had waited
too long to summon the courage to resist. The chains securing
her hands held her fast no matter how frantically she struggled.
Undisturbed the guards tightened the belly strap firmly around
the parlayed Katrine. Returning their attention to the
hysterical Anja each guard took up a position either side and
parrying the flaying legs with their forearms calmly slipped the
leather strap around her bucking belly. As the soldiers
tightened the strap the girls twisting became less and less
until only her legs trashed about wildly. Choosing their moment
each guard took hold of one of Anjas ankles and quickly locked
each into a stirrup. Anja lay sweating and screaming, naked as
gyno_30.jpgthe day she was born upon the gynaecologists table.

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Anjas legs
were splayed widely open with her knees bent and her vulnerable
cunt pouting through her feminine hair. Katrine seeing what had
happened to Anja crossed her legs and vainly tried to resist
their immodest opening by the guards. Katrine offered little
resistance to the experienced guards and within minutes her legs
had parted and her ankles had been locked into the stirrupsA long haired readhead teen comes for her first gyno exam and gets a rectal thermometer inspection just
like those of the much stronger Anja. Checking each girls bonds
carefully each guard stood back and saluted the Dr. ” Thank you
Gentlemen that will be all Dis miss ” acknowledged the Dr
sedately, barely looking at the two young guards. Waiting for
the guards to leave the room before continuing Dr Gadfly
strolled between the two naked bound beauties and took in the
smell of their fear as each watched him intently. Katrine was
visibly shaking and summoned enough courage to beg him to let
her go. Anja had started sweating and beads of sweat were
forming above her brow, her muscular body flexed against her
bonds as she vainly struggled for realise. More…