2010 September

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She slid her finger up into my clitoris hood, her long nail flicking off the tip of my clit. Then she slid it back down, further, further, sliding all of her long slick finger down and back into my pussy. Then just as slowly up and out again. She started sucking on my left nipple now, pulling out the right one, twisting and shaking my breast with it. All I was capable of now was short, quick, gasps and short moans. The doctor was fucking me with her hand now, and I was pumping my hips to meet her pounding hand. Her right hand held my pelvis down firmly just above my left hip-joint, and Leigh shoved me back and held me down by my shoulders. My pussy liquefied, my nipples almost burst, rockets went off in my brain, and I started to come. My eyes locked back into my head, and all my muscles lost control. My hips were spasming against the doctor’s hands, but she held me down and continued to masturbate me. I started to scream, but a full breast was shoved into my mouth, and I sucked on it hard instead.

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