2010 October

First physical exam

Ashley was very nerveous as she layed on the gyno table waiting for the
doctor. She had not been to the gyno in a few years: She always douched
after her period, and never had any problems. Now at the age of 19, she
was having a real problem. She had a real hard time peeing, and she
could not move her bowels. She was so embarassed, but her mother finally
made the appointment.

nurse_16.jpg nurse_17.jpg nurse_19.jpg

A few minutes later the doctor walked in the room. He said, “whats the
problem, young lady?” Ashley was turning red as she told the young
handsome doctor. He listened, then nodded his head at the nurse. He told
her he would “fix her up” right away.

nurse_24.jpg nurse_23.jpg nurse_28.jpg

Ashley heard water running as the nurse filled a rather large red bag
with a amber latex hose attached . She then hung it on an IV pole next
to the Gyno bed where Ashley was laying. The nurse then attached the
long red colon tube and started lubing it. Ashley looked terrified as
the nurse greased the long red colon tube. It was the diameter of a
cigar! The nurse released the clamp to get the water running and then
told Ashley to lay on her left side and bend her knee. She complied, and
was trembling, and afraid.

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She felt the nurse push a finger into her ass first, and quickly pulled
it out.. “WOW” shouted the nurse. “Your totally impacted and we have to
start with some oil”. The nurse opened the drawer and pulled out a large
blue female bulb syringe. She said, “Honey, thats all I have”.. Ashley
looked puzzled? The nurse filled the syringe with mineral oil, and told
Ashley to get on all fours. Ashley did , and felt the long white rubber
douche nozzle sliding into her rectum. “Ahhhh……,oooouch ” More…

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razor play doctor medical fetish

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This is a part of medical  bdsm story playing doctor where razors do exist.

On a day when the seasons were changing, she sat before him on
the small stool in the bathroom, waiting for the razor.

sexy nurce doctor
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couldn’t bear even the slightest growth of hair to lift any
sensation away from the surface of her skin. she continued to touch
everything to her newborn pussy, as though it was an extra sense
organ: what did an angora sweater feel like?  what did the back of
a silver fork feel like? what did a chilled stick of butter feel
like? what did (guiltily, one day) the smooth toe of his shoe feel
like? what did the world feel like through the centre of her,
through the filter that made everything into pleasure? It never
occurred to her that he could take this away, because it never
occurred to her that she had been changing as surely as he had. his
cock was never engulfed by her, never felt the inside of her, and
his mouth had taken on the sensitivity of his cock. his mouth was
now the match for the sweet fresh mouth he had made between her
legs. he knew that the only way to hold her was to bring gifts,
bring new sensations to her, either with his mouth and hands, or
with his imagination.

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he began to ask things of her before the ritual. he’d hold the
razor close to her, after the soaping, and say, “will you show me
something new today” and she’d press toward him impatiently,
saying, “of course. now do it.” on one of these days, before he’d
drawn the razor over her, he made her wait while he filled a hot
water bottle. she’d never seen it before. it was deep pink rubber,
and had a slightly textured surface, small cross-hatching like a
cat’s tongue. there was something faintly hospital and official
about it, something therapeutic, something medicinal, something
that one’s mother would have on a top shelf somewhere, coiled with
rubber hose, looking harmless but forbidding any questions. the
water he put in was steaming. he lay this on the floor. and beside
it, he put a large jar of vaseline.

she breathed in, and then out.
throughout the shave, she was looking at the hot water bottle. a
new tingling moved around her buttocks and down the insides of her
thighs.  the warm wash cloth was on her and again she was perfectly
smooth. she waited for his lips. he’d become so fixated on this
ritual, had transferred so much of his eroticism to his mouth, that
for some time, he’d begun to salivate during the shave. his mouth
watered, as he leaned forward to shave, if he opened his mouth, his
lips would wet and almost drip. he would lick his lips and swallow.
usually, when she told him she was sore, he would lean forward and
extend his tongue toward her and it she would see it glisten. today
was no different. he could have leaned forward and drooled like a
baby onto her. but he didn’t. he left the room.

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