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Doctor gyno

She was paralysed by the sight and couldn’t say anything as he moved
towards her. He brought his mammoth member to within inches of her face
and stood there stroking it. She could see some pre-cum appear on the
head. He then moved closer until his cock was touching her lips. Almost
against her will, she slowly parted her lips and touched her tongue to
it. It tasted slightly salty from his pre-cum juice. He pushed forward
and slowly inserted the head into her mouth. Instinctively, she started
to suck and lick it, slowly at first, then with more vigour and zeal.
She reached over and cupped his balls as she continued to suck. This
caused him to moan and push his cock in even deeper. She greedily sucked
harder and made his cock twitch.

gyno_exam_11.jpg gyno_exam_12.jpg gyno_exam_13.jpg
He now started fucking her mouth with frenzied in and out motions. It
completely filled her throat with its massive girth and she almost
gagged and choked on it. All this time, she had been fingering herself
and moving her ass up and down with excitement. She knew this was wrong,
but her lust got the better of her and she continued licking and
sucking. He then abruptly pulled out and gazed at her wet pussy.

gyno_exam_19.jpg gyno_exam_26.jpg gyno_exam_29.jpg
Without a word, she nodded, “Yes,” and he went and stood at the foot of
the table and started rubbing the head of his cock against her
delectable pussy lips, feeling that pussy hair rub ever so nicely
against him. His cock was soon well oiled from the combination of her
pussy juices and K-Y jelly and he slowly started to insert it into her
waiting cunt.

She shuddered and gasped because it was stretching her out completely
like never before. It was almost painful at first, but soon turned into
intense pleasurable sensations as he started speeding up his urgent
thrusts. While he was fucking her, he inserted a well-oiled finger in
her tight asshole and did some probing. Now, she had 2 different
sensations to get pleasure from. Her swollen cunt soon was accustomed to
his massive member and she started lifting her ass up from the table to
meet his cock on the down stroke.

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lusty doctor

I stammered. “Um, yes,…where did you get them?” Geesh, as if she
bought them from a discount store or something. I was really losing
control of this exam. I felt like I had the confidence of Woody Allen. I
shook my head, and covered my face with my open hand. She chuckled at me
as I sat back on the stool at the foot of the examining table. She told
me of the name of the plastic surgeon and the date of the procedure,
which I entered into her file.
doctor-exam-11.jpg doctor-exam-13.jpg doctor-exam-14.jpg

“Do you want to feel them?” she then asked.

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Of course I did, but it would serve no medical purpose, as lumps would
not be present with implants, but there are lymph nodes around the
breasts which can still develop cancer, so I thought that at least a
partial exam would seem appropriate.
doctor-exam-08.jpg doctor-exam-09.jpg

I paused and looked at her. She had eyes, artificially green by
contacts, which cut through me as though they were real, and implanted
tits that stood out at me and begged to be groped. She was fake, yet
very appealing. A comparison to a sex android could have been made.

maximum gyno
“Go ahead,” she said and smiled, “I know you want to”.
She was so perceptive. I stood, and slowly approached her as she sat on
the edge of the examining table. I stood directly in front of her, and
as I moved in, she spread her legs so that I could get closer. I glanced
down at her lap, and as I should have expected, it had no hair. Shit, I
love a bald pussy. It was as if she knew. I could have, and should have,
walked around to her side, but this was getting intense, and lust was
starting to impair my better judgment. I pulled my attention from her
lap and began the breast exam as I would with any other breast, and
started by palpating (feeling) the lateral group of axillary lymph nodes
(under her arm pits) and slowly worked in towards the breast. I could
feel where the implant started, and at that point, began to palpate the
corresponding side under the opposite arm, when she interrupted me.

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gyno exam story illustrated by videos

“Miss Smith, please bend over and spread your legs as wide as possible.”
The sharp, detached professional tone of Doctor Rose’s voice startled
Mary out of her relaxed state. Before she could answer she found herself
being manoeuvred into position. Uneasily she watched Doctor Rose
rummaging around inside her large leather case, which contained various
medical implements.
“Wh-what now Doctor?” She asked nervously.

c003.jpg d004.jpg

“Anal exam” Doctor Rose snapped.

Mary’s eyes widened as she saw exactly what Doctor Rose had in mind.

“Oh please no! I can’t take that. It’ll split me!” The poor girl wailed
as the doctor approached her carrying a very large latex butt-plug.

“Nonsense! Now relax please while I apply some lube.” Doctor Rose

Mary felt so vulnerable as the cheeks of her bottom were casually prised
apart. Fingers pushed their way slightly inside. The coldness of the
sticky lube made her jump. Vigorously it was applied to her tender anus.
She bit her lip and tried to relax, preparing herself for the assault
about to happen.

Doctor Rose careful pushed the tip of the butt-plug against the girl’s
puckered hole and then began to push down forcefully. Mary began to cry
out as she felt the head of the butt-plug begin to invade her.
Agonisingly the young girl began to feel herself opening. The rubber
shaft stretched her wider and wider as Doctor Rose applied more pressure
to the base of the toy.

002.jpg 003.jpg
Watch the nude girls as they pass all the tests!

“Oh no please!! Take it out!! Take it out!” cried Mary as she was forced
to lean forward and touch her toes in an attempt to accommodate the
large device.

“Be quite!!” snapped Doctor Rose, angrily slapping her patient’s bottom.
“You know you must never question what I do. Doctor knows best!!”

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Speculum closeup videos illustrating erotic story

It was a routine physical at the health center of the company that was
giving me a job. I got there early in the morning and was the first
patient there.

speculum-02.jpg speculum-04.jpg

exclusive clubExclisive club gyno exams
The receptionist took me to an examination room where I waited. Finally
a woman entered who identified herself as a “nurse-practitioner” who was
going to give me the physical.

Strangely enough, I was a little nervous over getting a checkup from a
woman-every other examination I had ever had had been done by a man. But
still it made me a bit less self-conscious knowing I would not have a
strange man seeing me naked. Not that I ever had any real trouble like
that during checkups, but well, I digress.

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