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He reached down and pulled out two different speculums from under the table. He lubricated the larger one well, then positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. “Just relax…” he said as he slid the cold speculum in, and spread it open as wide as he could. The light was again concentrated on my gaping gash as he took the sample for the PAP smear and looked all around.

While I was spread wide open, he took the second, smaller, speculum and lubricated it well. I now understood this one was for my ass. My nether opening was now spread wide, ready for its visual inspection. The doctor stood back, opened a drawer, and took out a polaroid camera, snapping a picture of my spread condition. He then went back to his exam, checking both orifices for any lesions. I tried to relax and think of other places and things while he looked. He then caught me off guard by inserting something on a string into my ass. The anoscope was then removed and I could feel a string sticking out. Hmmm….

While the speculum was in my pussy, a warm, soothing lotion was inserted, followed by a hard object. This, too, had some sort of string on it. Once it was in place, the speculum was closed and removed. “You did very well on that portion of the exam. Now for the performance portion…” Performance portion? Since when?? I was restrained and could not really move. I started to protest, but really just wanted the entire exam over with. The lotion in my pussy was sending out the nicest warm vibrations. I was suddenly so horny, I wanted to see what he had in store for me. I needed him to use me.

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He started out by coming back up to the head of the table and removing my nipple clamps. Placing some more of this soothing lotion on his ungloved hands he began to massage my tortured nipples, working the lotion in deep. He would tease each nipple into full erection, then pinch it lightly. Warm waves flowed out from my tits, and I began to get very wet. I arched my back the best I could and moaned softly.

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Skinny teen embarrassed at gyno exam

Jessie was so unwilling to go to her first gyno exam. Yet she had to sign up for acomplete physical before entering college. She shyly entered the room and introduced herself with trembling voice.

She undressed as she was told by the gentle mature nurse. Then she sat on the edge of the gyno table for a breath check and a boob exam. It felt so unusual that someone touched her breasts and slightly squeezed them.

 After breast exam Jessie had to lie on her back and spread her legs so wide she could feel coold between them. As the nurse spread some lube on her virgin pussy Jessie felt arousal she had never felt before. The nurse took pap smear and let Jessie sqeeze her legs tightly again.

In the end Jessie turned around for rectal exam and did she ever feel more uncomfortable then now. The finger inserted in her tight rectum gave her most unusual feeling. But when it came to rectal thermometer, she only felt cold glass for a couple of seconds and then felt almost nothing.

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Doctor Tara has a gorgeous patient today. Blonde Cherry comes for her annual gyno examination and medical checkup and brings her awesome round butts with her. Doctor starts the standard procedure as soon as Cherry is completely naked. She checks her heartrate, weight, flexibility and vision.

Then Tara thoroughly examins her breasts for signs of breast cancer or other probs and looks at her throat.

Then Cherry is asked onto the gyno table for a vaginal examination including abdominal palpation and speculum exam after which she lies on her stomack and gets her rectum checked and a rectal thermometer to end the exam.

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