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rough rectal exam

They have a lab down there and a room off the side, which I had never been in and another room where they gave shots in the arms from a chair and did the gag throat swabs etc. deep rectal insertionI sat in a the waiting area chairs with the others waiting to be called. My mother and I waited for awhile and finally a nurse came down from upstairs and called my name. That was weird usually the nurse in the lab takes care of things. I got up and followed her and instead of going back into the lab we went in a room that I had never really even noticed before. She opened the door and we went in. There was just examing table in the room and a sink and cabinet. She instructed me to “just lay on my stomach on the examing table”. I climbed up the examing table and laid down on my stomach as instructed. I was thinking to myself which arm would she give me the shot and in fact I think I may have had one sleeve kind of rolled up. Then the next thing she said was, “I need you to pull you pants and underwear down and then lay on your stomach”. OH!!! I climbed off the table and pulled everything down as instructed and climbed back on to the table. I laid there for a minute or two thinking to myself I wonder how this is going to feel. I didn’t recall getting one in the bottom before. I just looked forward and waited, they must have given shots in the bottom in that room because there was a picture of a clown looking right at me as I looked forward. The nurse finally came up on my left side and told me to hold still and I don’t recall the alcohol going on but I do remember the shot. It stung alot but was not earth shattering.
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When the nurse was done she told me I could get dress and wait for 20 minutes to make sure I did not have a reaction to the injection. My mother asked if I was ok and if the shot went in my bottom and I said yes to both questions. To this day I still don’t know what the shot was, I asked my mother years later and she did not recall. Ever since that experience I have always enjoyed shots in the bottom.More gyno special examinations >

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nurse gyno experience

Dr. Bennett carefully examined the young woman’s vagina, lubricating two fingers with KY jelly and slipping first one and then two into it. Having done the same with many vaginas she found it to be more than adequate in tightness of fit. It was also well lubed, something she did not usually find in a patient on the table, but not rare. The thought going through her mind was one she would not normally have had, but Marta was obviously in some distress over this situation. Lisa had, in her practice, come across all sorts of strange and weird sexual problems.

Now she had one that was new and this called for a new approach. James, she knew, was a very good lover, with a cock that was just a little over average in size. She was single again and had hired him after having an affair with him, wanting him around all the time. Her old nurse had moved on and she loved having him available at all hours. She was already considering using him as a semen donor for two patients, one of whom had requested a “natural insemination”, something she had not reconciled to. Now she needed to know how big or small Marta’s husband had. She turned to James and walked over to him. “I want her to see your


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