2011 September

doctor tushy latest video updates

3 doctor tushy flash movies for today
1st video: inside the examination room

2d video: Vanessa goes through strict examination

spead the ass checks babe, I am ready to come inside

3d video and breast exam along with vaginal probing on stirrups.

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gyno exam flv

I gradually edged my knees to the sides of the table, feeling my labia separate, as my knees stretched further and further apart. I felt a small trickle as my excitement built at what I was about to do. I reached back further, my hand connecting with his, feeling the hard nozzle.

I began to shake more as he lifted our hands up off the table, his other hand separating my cheeks wider, and a finger tracing in small circles spreading more lube around my anus. I moaned and twitched at the pleasure; my anus gaping and opening slightly at the incredible sensations his finger was creating. He lifted our hands up higher, angling the tip, bringing it up to meet his other hand, still circling and teasing at my tender puckered entrance. I moaned louder, swaying my hips slightly.

“Stretch back a bit more Sharena”.
I pushed my ass up even higher and pushed it back, wanting to feel that tip enter me and open me up. I felt his fingers tighten slightly, as together our hands moved up to rest the tip at the entrance of my anus, meeting his other teasing finger.

I shivered at its touch and pushed my ass even further back to meet it. He began to press the nozzle in very slightly, and I felt my ring stretch to accommodate it. It slid in wickedly, the sensation incredible, as he continued to move his other finger very slightly around the outside. As the small tube entered my ass his hand fell away.

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