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philippine girl gyno video

Wendy is a Philippine-American. She was born in New York but moved to Nevada to make a career as a porn actress because essentially giving head is her only talent. She has nice silicones which appealed to the producers, so after the audition she signed the contract and has to undergo complete medical exam.

downloadable gyno video

downloadable gyno video

The doctor felt her boobs, mentioning she has very nice silicone implants.

breast exam video

breast exam video

after all the nurse checked the rectal temperature

rectal exam free video

rectal exam free video

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Cindey was forced to undergo a gyno exam by her parents, who wanted to make sure she was still a virgin. They are very religious and suppose that it’s a great shame to lose virginity before getting married.

Cindey knows she will be punished severely if they find out she had already had sex with her fiance, although she didn’t let him enter her vagina, only her asshole. So she is worried that the doctor might notice her asshole is not virgin any more

The doctor gently probed her asshole, but Cindey was so nervous that her asshole tightened

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boob exam video

Nattie used to be quite a plain girl – plain face, not smart, body lacking curves and worst of all – almost no tits – just nipples on plain breast. That worried her too much, she wore push-up bras, putting stuff like socks into them to make her body appear sexier. She refused to take it off even during sexy time. That got on her boyfriend and he was on the brink of breaking up with her, so she had to hurry and have breast implants. Nattie had been saving for the operation for a long time. Now here they are – her gorgeous silicones. She is so happy with them, she cant hold her hands from touching them.
A month after the operation she comes to medical exam to check them

And as a free bonus comes the pelvic exam

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Curvy blonde Jessica has been married for one month already and is she happy with her husband. He is neither handsome nor athletic, but he is rich and that is what turns Jessica on. She is eager to please her husband but their sexual life has become boring to him. Her amasing blowjobs and tight wet pussy don’t turn him on the way she wants to. And Jessica started to notice his glares at other girls’ round asses. She was alarmed – she wasn’t going to lose her husband to some skillful whore. So after asking advice from her more successful housewife friends Jessica headed straight to gyno clinic to see a doctor and ask him to get her virgin asshole ready for her husband’s cock.

The doctor turned out to be a handsome young man. He carefully weighted her

And checked her boobs as the usual medical exam routine.

Then Jessica asked his help in stretching her asshole. So the doctor needed the lube and told her to suck his penis till it’s wet enough to slide painlessly into her asshole

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