2012 September

asian nurse exam videos

Check out the videos of a medical exam by a cute Vietnamese nurse

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pelvic exam videos

Maria is here for her routine medical exam. She is very surprised by seeing the nurse wearing high heels and white stockings. Still she spreads her legs like the good girl she is. She has no idea there’s a hidden camera filming her nude vagina

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petite teen nude exam

Teen Alicia is used to medical exams. Her mother had her when she was seventeen because of lack of sexual education. She doesn’t want her daughter get pregnant too early and although Alicia is already nineteen now she knows all about contraception and has been visiting her gyn since she was fourteen. She had her first time at the age of eighteen and now has regular sex with baseball player from college. She feels relaxed at the exam so she doesn’t mind to strike a pose for the camera.


The nurse listens to her lungs with a stethoscope


checks her weight, flexibility of her body. then she tells her to lay on her back with her legs spread wide for the pelvic exam and anal exam

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gyno exam threesome

Doctor Brown has been dating nurse Jessie for a couple of years now – ever since he first walked into this clinic he fell for her, with those big breasts and round buttocks this blonde latina was an ideal lover. But as the time passed their sex has become less passionate, more like the missionary position 3-minute relief. They had been discussing the problem and even considered joining swinger club but Brown didn’t love the idea of another man fucking his girlfriend. The idea came to them all of a sudden, when once a nympho patient complained about her problem.

They stared at each other and the patient was satisfied, as well as they were. So they seduce some of their hottest patients. The doctor first performs complete medical exam after which the fun starts. Jessie first eats the girl out then doc fucks her mouth and then the girls get into doggy position and the doc screws them in turn.

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anal exam videos

Babe with very long hair does what she is told to do. The nurse says undress – she strips off her clothes. The nurse says – lay down – she lays down.

When the nurse says – Spread your asscheeks – she doubts for a moment – embarrassed and scared – so the nurse parts her asscheeks and inserts her finger up her butt hole and fingers it deep and good.

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medical fetish hardcore

Emma has been starving for cock the last few moths. The one-night stands she’s had were not what she needed in terms of a cock. She visits the clinic for her regular exam and meets the doctor – hot like hell.

After filling out the forms and weight check she finally gets on the table and her body is sending the signal the doc cannot resist

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dirty blonde injection

Janet has some itch in her intimate area so she visits the clinic to check out what’s wrong with her pink


the nurse helps her undress for the gyno exam and then gets down to pelvic exam


after the exam the nurse concluded Janet needed an injection that would relief the symptoms of the allergic reaction to the new lube.


Then Janet gets the free bonus – anal exam. The nurse fingers her anus


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gyno speculum video

check out the exclusive video featuring female doctor using gyno speculum during medical exam

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vagina exam video

Brunette fattie Jasmin tells the nurse that she was on pill for two years and now she gave it up because she was getting married and they want to have kids. The nurse has to check her cevrix to make sure everything is fine

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latina gyno closeup

Cute latina Jessie spreads her legs for the gyno exam unaware of the hidden camera


the nurse took pap smear and made a vaginal and anal exam

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