2013 February

mature medical exam

Russian mature got hired to a new job and she needed a full medical exam for the application form. So here she is at a Russian clinic.

The doctor checked her blood pressure, while she is lying full nude on her back.

She takes a deep breath when the doctor says spread your legs for the gyno exam.

old pussy exams

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gyno specula vaginal insertion

A special treat for pervy clinic clients – a tall teen babe with gorgeous curvy body. The doctor gave her an appreciating look as she stood there naked in front of him.

As she lay on the chair with her legs already in the stirrups the gyno doctor searched his tools for the metallic specula.

He carefully inserted it inside her pink cunt and spread it and fixed the specula.

He then used a flashlight to see her insides clearly. Her cervix is fully exposed in this movie.

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skinny teen physical

Look what I came across while surfing Doctor Tushy. One could never hope this gets so good. A teenage patient with a skinny body and flat abs. Yet her boobs are quite impressive.

And you should see the look on her face when the nurse inserts three fingers up her pussy. I could swear she is almost having an orgasm

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busty nurse fingering herself

Exposed nurses provide one of the most extreme guilty pleasures. Today’s special is a busty blonde Jenny. She unbuttons her medical uniform to expose her perfect big boobs. Then she climbs up the gyno chair and starts stretching her pink shaved pussy.

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kinky granny vagina exam

Friday special for the kinky gyno lovers. Sophie is 65 and is still sexually active with her 46 year old lover. She visits gyn annually to ensure everything is fine. She doesn’t feel in the least embarrassed when she lays there legs spread wide in front of a kinky doctor. She gets a gyno speculum inside her pink and apparently enjoys the stretch.

the doctor gets the best view of her cervix and is satisfied with what he sees. He then fingers her pussy to receive a nice response.

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young nurse medical fetish video

Jessica has recently started to work at gyno clinic and is not yet quite used to telling women to undress and lay still. Watch her blush as she watches the patient undress.

It becomes easier for her when it comes to flexibility check as the blonde bends almost in half.

So by the time of the pelvic exam she is fully relaxed and professional as she puts on the gloves and takes the pap smear

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perfect ass medical exam

If you asked me how I would call this set I’d say “Doctor, Nurse and the Perfect Ass”. No seriously, check out this gorgeous latina’s tight and beautiful arse


so here she is in the doctor’s office stripping off her clothes and putting on the gown

and to top it all – some pics of her pelvic exam

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tampon insertion videos

Here is a special Sunday treat for you folks. The new patient of our kinky gyno clinic is a stunning tall blond. See how the old doc can’t contain his awe.

When Kira was fully undressed and spread on the couch the doc discovered she was on her period and had a tampon inside her vagina. He had to remove it slowly pulling by the thread.

And here is a video of the gyno speculum inspection.