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Jessie came from sunny Miami where she spent most of her days on the beach or near the pool, sun tanning or partying with her friends. Her life was a paradise until her parents cut off her money finally realising she was useless. She had to move to a cheaper flat in the outskirts of NY city and find a job as a waitress as she doesn’t know anything else. To get the job she needed medical exam which turned out to be utter humiliation.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/138y/contents/bimages/1.jpg

She had never been told what to do in such situation. The doctors she had met in Miami were so enchanted with her or with her parents’ money that she felt like a princess during the whole exam. This time the female nurse gave zero fucks about her glamorous past life and her tanned skin. She told her to undress and do it fast – in this cheap hospital there were always long queues of patients waiting for their turn. The vaginal exam was the worst part. No tender and caring fingers – all rough and long digits, parting her labia and intruding her dry insides.

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Here comes a special treat delivered by Doctor Tushy. Voluptuous body and huge heavy boobs. Just watch the way she sways her gorgeous forms when sitting into the chair. The nurse throws jealous glances when the sexy latina undresses.

She checked her breasts and then told her to lie on her back and spread her legs. The nurse put on her gloves and slowly worked her finger in her shaved vagina and probed inside before inserting specula.

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Cute patient was very embarrassed when walking into the examination room. As the doctor filled in the questionnaire she shifted nervously on the examination chair.

When she finally was undressed and seated again on the chair and the doctor started feeling her boobs with her gentle long fingers she finally managed to relax and actually started to enjoy the process.

the doctor ordered her to lie on her back and put her legs in the stirrups. She took pap smear and carefully fingered her vagina before inserting gyno specula.

gyno exam videos in HD

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Doctor Jameson got a treat this time. His jaw fell as her saw the gorgeous blonde coming into his office. He invited her to sit on the gyno chair while he filled out the questionnaire.

When this was done he asked her to remove all her clothes and barely resisted the temptation to watch her pull down her blue pants

He asked her to step on the scales and looked at her bare ass showing from the medical gown.

By the time of breast exam he was already achingly hard. He asked her to drop her gown so that her perfect boobs were showing and started feeling them slowly. Feeling suddenly that she wouldn’t mind he tilted his head and started sucking on her breast.

The blonde was pleasantly surprised and relaxed under his expert hands. He slowly moved down kissing her abdomen and then lower, to her shaved pelvis and vagina. Watch the hardcore medical fetish video by Doctor tushy

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The bleach blonde patient of Doctor tushy gyno clinic strips off her top and shows her nice firm tetters.

The nurse leads her to the scales and rights down her weight.

After the weight check the blonde is asked to lie on her back on the couch and the nurse puts her legs in stirrups for vagina exam. Then she proceeds to put on her gloves and lube her fingers before inserting them into the shaved pink.

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