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Tall cheerleader turned up at the clinic for a regular medical exam. While undressing she was taking in the whole room and the petite nurse who was asking questions and writing down her answers. The patient was inexorably impressed by the thin fluent fingers and instantly imagined how they would feel inside her wet and hot pussy, touching her clit gently.

The tall patient felt her nipples harden as the cute nurse started the boob exam. As she circled the perfect small tits the cheerleader almost moaned with desire.

The last part of the exam was anal checkup and boy did it feel right to have those thin gloved fingers probing inside her. The patient enjoyed every moment of it. And when the exam was over she shyly asked the nurse out for a dinner. The petite woman was surprised but willingly accepted and gave the girl a naughty wink when she left.

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Czech mature gyno exam

Alena had the old doctor stunned the moment she walked in and threw off her clothes. Her body had it all – nice curves, round ass and beautiful firm tits. The picture is worth a hundred words anyway


She wasn’t quite fond of the breast exam as she was feeling that somehow the doctor was taking advantage of her by touching and touching her boobs ceaselessly and pinching her nipples which is not exactly part of a regular boob exam.

Finally he checked her blood pressure and then moved on to pelvic exam and after the vaginal exam he asked her to take a piss in a bowl for analyses

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Rebecca came for her appointment with the gyn doctor. She explained that after one incident that she wouldn’t detail she had lower sensitivity in her labia and G-spot. The doctor told her to undress and lay on her back.

She examined her insides while the nurse was taking notes of what she was explaining. It turned out that the lack of sensitivity was caused by strain and nervousness. As soon as the patient relaxed in the expert hands of her doctor she nearly climaxed by the touch.

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Czech girl with plain breasts was up for a regular pelvic exam. She couldn’t quite relax in presence of the old male doctor who scrutinized her nude body.

Yet she managed to relax and enjoy herself when she lay on her back with her legs wide apart and the doctor’s fingers inside her vagina and brushing her g-spot.

The doctor assured her she will be okay and inserted huge gyno speculum into her cunt. She whimpered a little until the doc brushed her clit with his thumb.
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Monica had read somewhere in a health magazine that one should regularly go through a self exam just in case. She took this quite seriously. So she monthly goes through the procedure, first fingering her pussy and then setting a camera in front of it and stretching it with her fingers to look inside to get the view of her cervix. This time she had her boyfriend help her with stretching her labia.

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Cute blonde nurse takes her time during the lunch break to have fun. She took off her white panties while keeping her uniform and stockings and shoes on. She settled on the gyno chair and touched herself then slid her fingers into her wet pussy. When her fingers were not enough she used gyno speculum to bring herself off

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One of the most tedious parts of getting a job for Jennifer is physical exam everyone requires when you succeed on the interview. She gave an irritated sigh when the employer told her she needed to sign up for a free medical checkup before she can start to work. So she did. She was willing to do everything quickly so she instantly undressed in the doctor’s office.

The doctor followed the physical exam routine, examined her breasts and then had her lying on her back with legs spread wide. The gyno exam was followed by anal exam.

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Slavic babe with slender body and perfectly shaped big boobs is unaware of the camera installed in pervy doctor’s office. He had aligned the gyno chair so that his cam has the best view and records every exam he makes. The long legged babe makes herself comfortable in the chair and the doctor doesn’t waste any time and instantly inserts a big vibe into her beautiful shaved pussy and sets a pump on her left breast.

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The patient inhales sharply and then comes in a matter of seconds. The doctor then takes the vibrator out and slowly inserts his fingers to feel her muscles contract around them.

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Then he states that her vagina is perfectly healthy and deliciously pink and offers to take her to dinner with possibly a hot night after. The woman doesn’t mind having some sexy time with someone this professional.

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Gyno Exam Full HD Videos

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