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Teen cutie with red hair and a charming smile turned up at the doctor’s office late in the day. She cheerfully explained she needed a medical exam to be accepted to work as a waitress.

The doctor gladly obliged by checking her heart rate and examining her nice boobies. He also checked her vagina which was followed by a bonus anal exam


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Check out the downloadable videos delivered straight from Doctor Tushy. The sexy blonde with small tits squirms gorgeously when the nurse starts fingering her clean shaved pussy.

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Teen with a tattoo feels completely at ease while exposed in front of this old perverted doc. He examined her nice small tits and then went straight to the pelvic exam.

He inserted a pussy spreader and took a peek at the pink insides.

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Carmen is an immigrant from Mexico. She had been unemployed for very long looking for a position as a maid in any hotel. She finally managed to find the job and the boss required her to pass a medical exam. She felt so shy to be so exposed to a woman.

The nurse followed the routine of a complete physical including breast exam and vaginal exam.

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Meet Marina. She is a strip dancer in a club in Prague. She is very used to men staring at her nude body and to the occasional touches she allows them. She feels a little offended when the doctor at gyno clinic is thoroughly unimpressed by her coluptious body and big tits. The old doctor had seen so many beautiful girls throughout his career in medicine that he cannot bring himself to care.

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Here are a couple of medical fetish videos featuring a latin babe with impressive boobs and gorgeous arse. The nurse couldn’t hold the smirk upon seeing the patient bend down taking off her panties

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Lexi stunned the old doctor the moment she undressed. He had seen many nude females along his career as a gynecologist but neither had this dark tone of skin that brought out her beautiful slender forms against white surroundings.

He enjoyed examining her big boobs with suckable nipples and loved the way she moaned when he fingered her pussy after patting her clit.

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Amanda was pleasantly surprised that her female doctor who was on vacation at the time was replaced by a young man with good looks. She let him examine her vagina and ass before sliding to the floor and unzipping his trousers to get his hard cock out and in her craving mouth. He didn’t wait to thrust into her mouth almost making her gag and then fucked her doggy style on the couch as it was what she was begging for.

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Sandra is a nerdy chick with big boobs. Her boyfriend is a very experienced guy and after a couple of months with herĀ  he seems to be bored when it comes to having sex. Their usual sexual routine is her giving him head and then a missionary position and then he comes over her stomach. Sandra realises that perhaps her wants something more and signed up in gyno clinic for consultation.

She asked the nurse about having anal sex if it hurts too much and all. The nurse explained that anal sex can be fun if you do everything right and offered to teach her to stretch her asshole so that it doesn’t hurt when her boyfriend penetrates her.

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Czech gyno clinic presents yet another sexy patient – Evelyn is a tall slim brunette with small perky tits and tanned skin. She eagerly does whatever the doctor tells her. She settles on the gyno couch doggy style for some pussy closeup exam.