2013 June

silicone breasts exam videos

Meet one of the best pairs of titties I’ve ever seen. They are perfectly round and big and those small nipples made me choke on my juice as I was surfing. In the videos below a cute young nurse examined these wonderful silicones. Gyno exam and anal exam as a bonus 🙂

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Check out that gorgeous arse. I’d bang that one. The nurse had to be made of stone not to touch it and squeeze it. Watch her carry on with the physical exam routine instead.

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nice tushy exam

Above are downloadable videos of a sexy teen who is stark naked in the gyn’s office while the nurse carries out the medical exam routine. After checking flexibility the girl is placed on the gyno chair and her legs spread wide and the nurse slowly fingers her with gloved hand. Full gyno exam video

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Sharon’s boyfriend asked her for a special treat. She gladly agreed to gape her pussy for him and when he took his camera and pushed the record button she didn’t actually mind.


she took off her panties and spread her labia with slim fingers. Like that was not enough for him he inserted a medical instrument into her cunt. Now that the tape has been leaked you can enjoy Sharon’s wide spread and gaping pussy.


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Margaret was not quite sure what she felt when she was being examined by a petite blonde instead of her usual male doctor. She was so used to his strong hands examining her body these tender touches of the delicate fingers were not expected.

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mature nurse gyno exam

Nice shot of a pretty brunette with exquisite body. She strips naked in front of the mature nurse shamelessly and follows her instructions exactly as the nurse goes on with the gyno exam routine.

The heart rate check and breast exam are followed by pelvic exam and pap smear and anal examination.

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Amy Lee was a smart ebony teen who was leaving her hometown to go to college. Before she went she felt the need to attend a complete physical exam. The nurse took her time checking this gorgeous black babe’s vitals and then observing her black vagina through specula.

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tushy video previews

Here come downloadable video previews from Doctor Tushy gyno exams. The videos here are reduced quality samples.

These videos feature a brunette teen with small nice tits. Slim blonde nurse wearing medical uniform performs breast exam. After which the nurse asked the girl to spread her arse cheeks and here comes the anal examination.

Watch Doctor Tushy full HD gyno videos.

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latina nurse blonde gyno exam videos

Free downloadable videos of a latina nurse examining a sun tanned blonde. Watch her stick her finger in that tight asshole. More gyno exam videos

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doctor gyno exam videos

Special delivery today. The blonde patient is eager as hell to undress when she sees the male doctor enter the exam room. She leans into his touch as he examines her boobs and all but moans when he inserts his finger for the vagina exam

All videos are downloadable!

ebony doctor gyno exam

Young black babe Chrissie Brown recently graduated medical school and is now proudly labelled Doctor Brown. She is unexperienced and eager to learn. Every new patient is a challenge she meets with joy. Even if it is only a physical exam. She gets on with the routine thoroughly starting with breast exam and weight check then gently asking her patient to lie on her stomach for anal exam, and her touch is tender when she spreads the patient’s labia to insert gyno specula.

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busty blonde gyno exam videos

Here are downloadable videos of blonde Beatka with huge boobies. She is so outraged with how the kinky male doctor treats her she cannot form words. She just lies there with her legs spread wide and tries not to cry of humiliation.

more patients of the Kinky Gyno Clinic

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Shy forty-something woman entered the doctor’s office one dull afternoon.


Little did the doc know she would be so much fun with her clean shaved pussy and body of a teenager.

He took great pleasure in examining her pussy and taking her rectal temperature.