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guide to rectal exam


The genitals are examined by the doctor in a manner determined to be most appropriate.  She spends as much time as is required to conduct a thorough examination, not being concerned that the patient may be getting aroused or is embarrassed by her touch; she may even continue to take advantage of his embarrassment.


Prior to a rectal exam being performed, the doctor tells the patient that his temperature is going to be checked rectally.  The patient tries to resist and decline, but the doctor succeeds in having the patient submit to the thermometer.  The patient’s anus and rectum are lubricated and the thermometer is lubricated in front of the patient before it is inserted.


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gyno speculum pelvic exam

The doctor rolled back on his chair and reached again to the paraphenalia on the table, I saw her lift a cloth and my eyes beheld that most incorrigible and graceless instrument known to womankind, the ever-cold speculum. And with that sight I promptly closed my thighs together as much as the stirrups would allow and looked again at the ceiling instead of the mirror. She rolled herself back between my legs and said, “Now now, none of that.” As she placed the speculum on the examine table and reached up, using her wrists to pry and guide my thighs open.

She asked me to scoot myself farther down the table and I did and then with one hand she opened my lips again and put the tip of the speculum to the inlet of my passage and eased
the beast into me. It was cold and the muscles within clenched down as if they also wanted nothing to do with such a thing. Yet she managed to slide it in completely and then
began to open it.

I began to close my thighs together unconsciously again and was gently reprimanded with, “Uh-uh.”
I felt the Q-tip-like swab from hell upon my cervix as she did the pap smear and then more heat as she moved the exam lamp closer and he visually examined my inner parts of my
sex. I felt myself pushing down on the speculum, just wanting the damn thing out of my body. It felt like an intruder.

blonde gyno exam videos

The mature doctor was taking notes while examining this blonde

The patient was informed that a pelvic examination was part of the complete physical.  She indicated that she had been examined by a gynecologist on a number of occasions.
The patient’s gown was removed fully and she declined my offer for covering her upper extremities and/or draping the area below her hips. The patient was asked to move herself farther down the table, placing her buttocks at the table’s edge.  She complied without hesitation, and upon her buttocks reaching the table’s edge, she placed her feet in the
examining stirrups. There was no pubic hair around the labia, perineum, or anus.   Internal examination of the genitalia revealed no abnormalities. However, there were sufficient natural secretions that lubricating gel was not required for the digital examination or insertion of the speculum.  Bi-manual examination revealed that all reproductive organs were properly aligned. The patient’s vagina accommodated a speculum. During the pelvic examination, natural secretions continued to be emitted from the patient’s vagina.  Further, upon insertion of my finger into the patient’s vagina I observed that her hips raised toward insertion and the vaginal walls contracted during palpitation. Respiration increased. Upon removing my fingers, I noticed that the patients hips continued to gyrate while respiration decreased.

assorted gyno exams

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sexy uniform nurse gyno exam videos

Mature nurse with a stunning body walks into the examination room wearing the shortest and the tightest nurse uniform you have ever seen. The young patient was thoroughly impressed by those swaying hips. The nurse asked the necessary questions and then asked the girl to undress and spread her legs while seated on the gyno chair. She examined that clean shaved pussy and then gopt down to anal exam.

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black tushy exam

Nice booty at exam

Nicole was up for her annual gynaecology exam and physical checkup. The asian nurse couldn’t but admire her big tits and a huge round booty. She checked her breasts and her vitals and then got down to pelvic exam. The vagina exam was followed by anal exam.
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ebony gyno exam videos

Shy black teen had never been at a full physical checkup. She is embarrassed when the nurse asked her the basic questions like “when did you last have sex?” or “how many partners did you have?” She is most pissed off when the nurse tells her to lay on her back and spread her legs. She cannot stand the feeling of speculum inside her tight hole.

gyno exams

redhead teen medical exam videos

the latina nurse is experienced enough to perform medical examination all on her own. The doctor is busy with other patients and she tends to the beautiful redhead teen with very pale skin. The patient undressed and the examination started.

The latina asked readhead cutie to bend down as low as she could to check the flexibility and her spine. She took some notes in her notebook as the teen was standing bent almost in half.

Then the brunette nurse examined the small perky tits of hers.

As the teen turned out to be still a virgin the gyno exam with specula was impossible so the nurse got down to anal exam immediately.

teen tushy exam


The cute teenage brunette liked the gentle and professional doctor. They shaked hands and the doctor asked several questions before telling the girl to undress and put on a medical gown.


Check out thet sexy bum which is not covered by the medical gown. The doctor is checking the patient’s weight.


Some breast feeling. The doctor touched and squeezed those small titties.


Here we are finally. The doc put on her gloves and with the patient’s legs in stirrups she slowly inserted one finger up that shaved goodness.


And yet again the doctor fingered the teen’s asshole with her lubed finger.

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pap smear gyno videos

The cute teen was accepted to college. She is about to leave her home town for campus. The last thing to do is have a medical exam list. So here she is and the doctor talks to her about the gyno exam and pap smear. The teen patient takes off her clothes for a full nude gyno exam and lays completely still on the gyno chair as the nurse prepares her gloves and a cotton bud.

The videos above are just reduced quality samples of full HD gyno exam videos

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busty blonde physical


The true masterpiece of a gallery. Blonde with huge silicones gets her breasts and vagina and ass examined at the clinic. The experienced mature nurse guides the patient through the exam professionally.