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nurse medical examination

” Yes Dear, now dont be scared, I’ve examined lots of girls, I have been a nurse here  at this college for 18 years.” And with that she continued the exam.

Next came measurements:  height, weight, blood pressure, eyes, ears etc. and then it happened.

Nurse  instructed Ashley to lay on her left side. Ashley did this. As she did, she could hear the nurse going through the supply cabinet. Ashley strained to look over her shoulder to see what the nurse was doing.

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brunette gyno exam videos

I laid down, being sure to pull the sheet up to my neck nearly as he approached me from one side. He lifted the sheet off of my right breast and placed one hand over the top of it and the other to circle gently in a crescent, cupping the underside of my soft flesh. I caught his eyes briefly and then looked away, the look that was on his face was a most serious one as he checked for any lumps, gently massaging and kneading my breast, searching in a circular fashion towards the nipple, and as always it hardened. He rolled his thumb and forefinger from the outer sides of my breast towards the nipple until milk appeared, glistening upon my rose coloured peak.

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anal exam by brunette nurse

She just stood there watching as I unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off. Then she told me to take of my bra. She spoke in a businesslike voice, almost impersonal-I preferred at least a hint of friendliness to go along with the professionalism. I took off my bra and she had me stand right in the center of the room. Then she had me put my hands on top of my head and she stood right in front of me, face to face. I was immediately aware of her perfume. She looked down at my breasts, took one in her hand and felt around it with her fingers. This was making me much more self- conscious than usual-maybe it was how close she was, or that I was standing like that, or her incredible beauty, or her perfume.

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Speculum insertion

After a few minutes, Dr. Jenkins spoke up and said, “Let’s look at those temperatures”, and I could see him stand to retrieve the one from her mouth “98 point 6”, her vagina “99 point 6” and her rectum “99 point 6…no elevated temperature…I’m going to take a look with a speculum.” I could hear a drawer sliding open and shut, and the movement of a metal instrument. “Spread your legs wider so I can insert this…wider! Don’t close them!..and I could see Agent Price agent step forward and place her hands on Beth’s knees to separate them.

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lesbian treatment for ebony patient

I had to go into the hospital recently for some minor surgery on my right knee. I arrived after dinner and received instructions from my doctor to try to stay up late, because they were going to sedate me rather heavily the next morning for the surgery and the less sleep I had gotten the less drugging they would have to do. I stayed up late watching TV. I was in a  semi-private room that was private now because the other lady was having her surgery that night. It was rather  boring. I found some entertainment by fingering myself during the 11
o’clock news. After that I read a book for a while.




Just after midnight, the graveyard shift came on duty and Joann walked into my room. Joann was the nurse on duty at my end of the floor. She came over and began the usual tempature, pulse and blood pressure routine. When she went to record them, she read on my chart that my doctor (probably on my husband’s
request) had ordered rectal tempature readings be recorded every 4 hours. Since I had arrived after 8 PM, this was my first recording. Joann said she would have to get another  thermometer. The idea of this stranger sliding something (anything) into my ass began to get my cunt very wet again.

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big tits medical exam video

Then he told me to put my feet into the stirrups that he was  putting on the table, he took each foot and lifted it into place, then told me to scoot down so my bottom was right at the edge of the table, there was a video camera on an adjustable arm  suspended from the ceiling over the table and a bit to one side,  the doctor reached up and pulled it down and positioned it so it was right above his shoulder and aimed right at my genital area and as he did so I could see my lower abdomen and vulva appear in the monitor, the doctor turned on a light and adjusted it so it illuminated my genitals, the warmth from the lamp felt good.

doctor tushy gyno clinic

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blonde nurse anal exam

I looked up and a young lady in the white uniform of a nurse was  holding the door open and asking me to follow her. I stood, took  a deep breath and followed her down a hall, walking   past several examination rooms, finally she stopped, told me to go in,and sit  on the table. She took my blood pressure, asked me a few questions about my past medical history, then said the doctor  would be in shortly.


I sat there for what seemed like the longest time, when finally I heard a soft knock at the door, the door opened and in stepped a young man, in his early thirties. He introduced himself as Dr. Snyder, we exchanged a few pleasantries and then he asked me what I knew about the research they were doing, I said not much, just that the ad had alluded to research into feminine sexuality.


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undressing for a medical exam

“Right well we’d better take a look at you then. Would you mind slipping off your jeans and T-shirt and jumping up onto the examining  table?” The instructions are given in such a calm, matter-of-fact  manner, that neither of the two females can sense the feeling of eager  anticipation the doctor is experiencing.

Heather tugs the jeans down over her slim thighs giving the doctor a great view of her firm bottom, covered in cream coloured panties.  They’re pulled up between the crack of her arse exposing a fair amount  of white cheek flesh either side. She quickly adjusts her knickers  before bending over to slide the jeans all the way down to her ankles.
gyno exam
After kicking off the jeans she crosses her arms and pulls the T-shirt  over her head, shaking free the long brown hair tied in a ponytail with  a red ribbon. the nurse takes the top, folds it  neatly down on the empty chair and drapes the jeans over the backrest.

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lesbian doctor licks pussy

The doctor inserted her tongue up her patient’s cunt. As the surprised moan came from above she explained:

– That is the best way to find out if you have the tension problems I think you may have. Your vagina, or pussy as you call it, makes certain juices when it is tense. The only way to tell just how tense you are is to lick up some of the juice. The taste will tell. I must say, you have the taste I suspected you might have.

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busty medical exam

I’ll just spam you with some pictures of a hottie with curves who’s at the gyn’s for her regular physical.


She undressed and felt extremely ill at ease as the doctor asked her question about her partners and sex life.


When it comes to pelvic exam the patient is brave enough to let the doctor between her legs with some plastic device she’d never seen.


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petite brunette complete medical

As the female doctor entered the examination room she instantly started explaining the gyno exam routine to ensure that the patient feels comfortable with it.


She asked the necessary questions and filled in the compulsory forms. As she did so the petite brunette patient slowly undressed and donned a medical gown.


The doctor started the exam with checking the vitals and then moved on to the breast exam.

Then the patient was told to lie on her back and spread her legs. The doctor put on her sterile gloves and inspected the insides of her vagina, then inserted a gyno speculum and took pap smear.

medical exam videos

The nurse comes out to guide you into the examination room. She’s  small, Japanese, and her nicely proportioned bottom sways prettily under her white dress as she leads the way.

You’re stripped and into your gown in a moment, she returns to help you onto the examining table, then helps you place your feet in the stirrups. You notice that she takes unusual interest in your shaven condition. You blush a deep red and half close your thighs to her gaze. She admonishes you to remain spread and open so that the doctor can do his thing.