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Stacey is in her early twenties and just about to start in her dream job. She has to pass a medical exam first though. She is so excited to get the job that she iss almost jumping and squeeling during the exam which entertained the nurse during the gyno exam.




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She took me down a few floors and into an unused examination room. In the center of the room was a typical exam table complete with the stirrups to keep a girl’s cunt open and available. I assumed she would put me up there and do something else to me.


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Nurse Sally had just graduated and this is her first job in private gyno practice. When the tall patient starts to undress she turns her gaze away and blushes slightly. She checked her vitals just like she was taught, then examined her breasts and finally came down to what she dreaded most – pelvic exam. All went fine though.

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Here is a special delivery from our beloved Doctor Tushy. This set features a gorgeous blonde wearing a gown which covers nothing but her front. She willingly opened her legs for the brunette mature nurse and relaxed completely throughout pelvic exam, pap smear and speculum exam.


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Cindy just applied for a new job and the employer asked that she went through some procedures including physical exam and gyno exam. So here we go – the pale skinny teen goes from bueish white to purple in a matter of seconds when the nurse asked her to spread her legs wide for her to examine that nice tight virgin pussy

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I opened the inner door that led to our medium sized exam room and waved her inside.
There is a changing area located at the side of the room behind a very indiscreet fabric screen which has slight peek-a-boo cracks where the hinge are attached. The bottom is about a foot off the floor. You know the type… has four panels to it.

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In the room I told her to wait.  She started taking off her dress.  I was past caring.  I started to leave.”Can’t you stay?” she asked.  She was smiling.”No,” I said, trying to make it sound  business-like.”Come on!” she said smiling again.  She didn’t have her dress undone yet, but she turned her rear toward me and patted it with her hand, smiling over shoulder.  I left, shutting the door.

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I looked at the examining room door.  Dr. Kramer had gone in but Nancy and Susanne hadn’t come out.  I felt like listening.”What’s going *on* in there,” I asked Rachel.”Go ahead,
peek,” she answered.  What a thing to suggest!But I was curious.  “Go ahead,” she repeated.  I went to the door.  I didn’t hear any talking but thought I heard something.  I quietly opened it a crack.  No one said anything.  I quickly and quietly opened it wide enough to stick my head through.I was frozen for a second, then I quickly withdrew, quietly shutting the door.  I stood there, stunned!  Nancy and Susanne had been holding the woman, who was completely naked, against the wall, facing it, and Dr. Kramer had been behind her, pushing is cock right into her.

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