2013 November

petite latina gyno exam

This sexy latina was obviously enjoying being caught on camera while gtiing her pink examined. See more gyno exams at Doctor tushy gyno clinic

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pelvic exam videos

Below you can download free videos of a medical exam featuring blonde petite nurse who checked the patient’s vitals and got down to business of examining her nice pink pussy.

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bleach blonde teen vagina exam

It’s another day at work for the petite brunette nurse. The girl who came for an examination was very sun tanned and bright blonde. She was well experienced in terms of gyno exams so¬† the nurse didn’t have to explain a thing. She didn’t hesitate in the slightest as the nurse asked her to spread her legs wide for pap smear and pelvic exam.




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blonde cutie with small tits gets her vagina examined

I am happy to present a new tushy clinic patient Lory. She moved over from Arizona and needed a clinic to frequent for her regular medical checkups. Nice people recommended Tushy clinic and she was happy to sign up for her first gyno exam with them. Here you go – her first medical exam at tushy clinic went better than expected

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shaved pussy gyno videos

The cute blonde got accepted as a secretary to a huge company and one of the company’s requirements is that the employee should be perfectly healthy. So she showed up at her doctor’s office and asked for a complete physical. The female doctor obliged. She checked her vitals and then breast exam was followed by pelvic exam.

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nature nurse medical exam

Nurse Johnson has been working for the clinic for many years and she is very professional when it comes to gyno exams especially when a teen patient comes in and is very embarrassed and shy and won’t talk easily about her problems.


She talks to her and makes her relax during the whole physical


especially when it comes to pap smear and vaginal exam


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asian medical exam videos

A cheerful asian showed up at doctor tushy’s door this morning. She asked for a complete physical exam. She was quickly led to examination room where redhead nurse asked her to undress and put on a medical gown. She did as she was asked and was quickly seated on the exam chair. Watch the downloadable videos below for the full exam routine.

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