2014 April

chubby cheeks medical exam

Teen fatty showed up at the doctor’s office another morning. She needed a medical checkup list filled for her new employer. The doctor started off with a breast exam and then checked her blood pressure. The brunette was visibly uncomfortable as the woman’s fingers parted her labia and slid inside her vagina.

latina gyno exam and speculum insertion

Look at that booty in for a gyno checkup at the women’s health center. Her boobs are equally nice


That ass is mesmerizing


I wouldn’t mind feeling these breasts too


And here is to the gyno speculum insertion…


And to top it all a rectal thermometer in that tight arsehole.


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Cute Sandra made an appointment with her gyn after she had unprotected sex with one of the baseball players from her college team. They were so busy licking and kissing and touching and all that they forgot to put on a condom. Now three weeks later Sandra suspects she might be pregnant and is scared to death. The gyn is going to check her vagina and after the urine analysis and pelvic exam Sandra will know for sure.

medical exam and treatment

The pretty lady was in for a medical examination. The doctor took her pulse and blood pressure and having the results of the urine analysis she decided her patient needed an injection. So the woman is laid on her stomach and the doctor gives her a needle in her perfectly formed butt.



And  a bonus rectal thermometer picture


male doctor medical exam videos

Doctor Jeffords  was very nice to me as I visited him today for my gyno examination and physical. He took down my vitals and even complemented me on losing weight though he regretted the fact that my arse became smaller. He counted my pulse and I could be damn sure it was elevated. Dear me look at that hunk. It felt so nice to feel his finger in my pink during the pelvic exam. I became so wet I started to feel embarrassed. But he either didn’t notice or was nice enough not to mention.

Watch me spreading legs for a gyno exam in these downloadable videos.