2014 May

exotic dancer medical exam

Daniella is a strip dancer and the owner of the club she works at requires that all his models must be clean so every two months they all head to a gyno clinic for a complete physical.

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black girl gyno videos

Well this is what I call an eye candy. Lupita is a curvy ebony chick with beautiful titties and a clean shaved black slit. The video featuring her black pussy penetrated with a speculum is priceless.

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fatty gyno examination


Dr Phelps tried to supress the need to look at those huge melons but he hardly succeededespecially when the bbw patient took off her clothes and the fat tits were exposed.

However he remained professional and followed the routine without staring at those beauties.

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nerd gyno videos

Bespectacled Susan felt at ease in the examination room. She quickly shed her clothes and let the doctor’s hands roam her body as they pleased. She only squinted as the gloved finger slid into her tight butthole.

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butt search video

Here comes some special treat for those who know how to have fun. This police officer is a total bitch but the inmate is not phased by her coolness. The strip search is going to be rough

Two blondes gyno exam


The blonde patient is being actively sexually aggressive but the nurse doesn’t mind the dirty looks she is giving her. She is actually enjoying the promising look in these blue eyes so much she is going to give the blonde patient a special treatment.


redhead gyno patient

The nurse in a sexy uniform helped the redhead girl to undress and then followed the physical exam routine, checked the blood pressure, took the patient’s pulse, filled in the check list, examined her breasts and then moved on to pelvic exam and rectal exam.




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two sexy nurses medical fetish action

Two beautiful nurses wearing tight fitting outfits are examining a short haired girl and even get to lick some pussy

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chelsea gyno exam

Chelsea doesn’t mind that the doctor who examines her is a man neither does she mind the presence of a very obviously bi-curious nurse. this gets quite exciting when the pelvic exam starts




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latina medical fetish

This dark haired chick gets my vote for the most glorious body but check out her nipples they are dark and huge. And when I say huge I mean enormous





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gyno speculum videos

This set is very special. Not only we get to see a very nice couple of silicones but also there is a good quality video of gyno speculum insertion closeup and anal exam.

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medical hardcore videos

The doctor is so eager to help Sally deal with her inability to get an orgasm. He actually fucks her till her ankles are weak and her cries turn into incoherent mumbling.

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brunette medical fetish videos

Sandra gets thoroughly examined by this sexy nurse – starting with a boob exam and then she spreads her legs on the gyno chair

private gyno clinic candid camera

Dr Roberts had been quite well off since she started her own gyno clinic. But the more money you earn the greedier you get. So one of her friends suggested that she put hidden cams in her room and recorded all the exams in order to sell them to perverts who love to watch  a gyno speculum shoved up a pussy. She did and here is one of her precious teen patients in all her glory.