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This sultry teen with perfect small tits and slim body is having the most embarrassing and unpleasant examination she had ever had.

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Gorgeous Sun Li got arrested when she got into a fight with her boyfriend’s lover. She managed to break the poor thing’s finger so she got jailed for a month. As she arrived at the prison she was demanded to undergo a cavity search in case she had some illegal substances on her. She was not so pleased with the procedure.






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The doctor couldn’t get her teen patient take off her clothes so she had to call the sexy nurse to show there is nothing to be embarrassed of. The nurse quickly unbuttoned her uniform and showed her perfect small tits.

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vaginal examinationEmbarrassed teen redhead had to undress in a room full of people. The two nurses then walked her into the examination room and started checking up her body – head to toe. nothing was left unattended.

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Olga moved from Russia just recently so she is not used to the way medical exams go here. She is very pleased with the nurse’s politeness and slightly embarrassed to be fully nude all through the examination.





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Welcome to the police station and let me introduce Stacy. She is the one in the police uniform. She doesn’t waste her time – right now she is questioning a whore they caught in an underground cafe. She is searching her vagina for some drugs she might be smugling as the bitch keeps twitching and whining.


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A hot chickita from Honolulu signed up for  a medical examination. She was very surprised that the complete physical included pelvic and anal exams. Her embarrassment was tangible as she undressed in front of a nurse.






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Teen fatty showed up at the doctor’s office another morning. She needed a medical checkup list filled for her new employer. The doctor started off with a breast exam and then checked her blood pressure. The brunette was visibly uncomfortable as the woman’s fingers parted her labia and slid inside her vagina.

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Cindy just applied for a new job and the employer asked that she went through some procedures including physical exam and gyno exam. So here we go – the pale skinny teen goes from bueish white to purple in a matter of seconds when the nurse asked her to spread her legs wide for her to examine that nice tight virgin pussy

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The genitals are examined by the doctor in a manner determined to be most appropriate.  She spends as much time as is required to conduct a thorough examination, not being concerned that the patient may be getting aroused or is embarrassed by her touch; she may even continue to take advantage of his embarrassment.


Prior to a rectal exam being performed, the doctor tells the patient that his temperature is going to be checked rectally.  The patient tries to resist and decline, but the doctor succeeds in having the patient submit to the thermometer.  The patient’s anus and rectum are lubricated and the thermometer is lubricated in front of the patient before it is inserted.


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The doctor rolled back on his chair and reached again to the paraphenalia on the table, I saw her lift a cloth and my eyes beheld that most incorrigible and graceless instrument known to womankind, the ever-cold speculum. And with that sight I promptly closed my thighs together as much as the stirrups would allow and looked again at the ceiling instead of the mirror. She rolled herself back between my legs and said, “Now now, none of that.” As she placed the speculum on the examine table and reached up, using her wrists to pry and guide my thighs open.

She asked me to scoot myself farther down the table and I did and then with one hand she opened my lips again and put the tip of the speculum to the inlet of my passage and eased
the beast into me. It was cold and the muscles within clenched down as if they also wanted nothing to do with such a thing. Yet she managed to slide it in completely and then
began to open it.

I began to close my thighs together unconsciously again and was gently reprimanded with, “Uh-uh.”
I felt the Q-tip-like swab from hell upon my cervix as she did the pap smear and then more heat as she moved the exam lamp closer and he visually examined my inner parts of my
sex. I felt myself pushing down on the speculum, just wanting the damn thing out of my body. It felt like an intruder.

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Alena had the old doctor stunned the moment she walked in and threw off her clothes. Her body had it all – nice curves, round ass and beautiful firm tits. The picture is worth a hundred words anyway


She wasn’t quite fond of the breast exam as she was feeling that somehow the doctor was taking advantage of her by touching and touching her boobs ceaselessly and pinching her nipples which is not exactly part of a regular boob exam.

Finally he checked her blood pressure and then moved on to pelvic exam and after the vaginal exam he asked her to take a piss in a bowl for analyses

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Rebecca came for her appointment with the gyn doctor. She explained that after one incident that she wouldn’t detail she had lower sensitivity in her labia and G-spot. The doctor told her to undress and lay on her back.

She examined her insides while the nurse was taking notes of what she was explaining. It turned out that the lack of sensitivity was caused by strain and nervousness. As soon as the patient relaxed in the expert hands of her doctor she nearly climaxed by the touch.

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