fatty gyno examination

Dr Phelps tried to supress the need to look at those huge melons but he hardly succeededespecially when the bbw patient took off her clothes and the fat tits were exposed.

However he remained professional and followed the routine without staring at those beauties.

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redhead gyno patient

The nurse in a sexy uniform helped the redhead girl to undress and then followed the physical exam routine, checked the blood pressure, took the patient’s pulse, filled in the check list, examined her breasts and then moved on to pelvic exam and rectal exam.

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undressing for a medical exam

“Right well we’d better take a look at you then. Would you mind slipping off your jeans and T-shirt and jumping up onto the examining  table?” The instructions are given in such a calm, matter-of-fact  manner, that neither of the two females can sense the feeling of eager  anticipation the doctor is experiencing.

Heather tugs the jeans down over her slim thighs giving the doctor a great view of her firm bottom, covered in cream coloured panties.  They’re pulled up between the crack of her arse exposing a fair amount  of white cheek flesh either side. She quickly adjusts her knickers  before bending over to slide the jeans all the way down to her ankles.
gyno exam
After kicking off the jeans she crosses her arms and pulls the T-shirt  over her head, shaking free the long brown hair tied in a ponytail with  a red ribbon. the nurse takes the top, folds it  neatly down on the empty chair and drapes the jeans over the backrest.

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blonde gyno exam videos

Cute blonde cheerleader came to the clinic for her regular checkup for she was threatened by her coach that she will be expelled from the team if she doesn’t bring the medical checkup list. She looks embarras sed but holds herself pretty well until the nurse sticks her finger inside her tight ass.

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busty blonde physical

The true masterpiece of a gallery. Blonde with huge silicones gets her breasts and vagina and ass examined at the clinic. The experienced mature nurse guides the patient through the exam professionally.

silicone breasts exam videos

Meet one of the best pairs of titties I’ve ever seen. They are perfectly round and big and those small nipples made me choke on my juice as I was surfing. In the videos below a cute young nurse examined these wonderful silicones. Gyno exam and anal exam as a bonus 🙂

latina with shaved pussy gyno fetish

Carmen is an immigrant from Mexico. She had been unemployed for very long looking for a position as a maid in any hotel. She finally managed to find the job and the boss required her to pass a medical exam. She felt so shy to be so exposed to a woman.

The nurse followed the routine of a complete physical including breast exam and vaginal exam.

small tits medical exam
Czech gyno clinic presents yet another sexy patient – Evelyn is a tall slim brunette with small perky tits and tanned skin. She eagerly does whatever the doctor tells her. She settles on the gyno couch doggy style for some pussy closeup exam.

full medical exam

One of the most tedious parts of getting a job for Jennifer is physical exam everyone requires when you succeed on the interview. She gave an irritated sigh when the employer told her she needed to sign up for a free medical checkup before she can start to work. So she did. She was willing to do everything quickly so she instantly undressed in the doctor’s office.

The doctor followed the physical exam routine, examined her breasts and then had her lying on her back with legs spread wide. The gyno exam was followed by anal exam.

The anal exam, speculum insertion and much more can be found in full medical exam videos

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busty nurse fingering herself

Exposed nurses provide one of the most extreme guilty pleasures. Today’s special is a busty blonde Jenny. She unbuttons her medical uniform to expose her perfect big boobs. Then she climbs up the gyno chair and starts stretching her pink shaved pussy.

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hardcore gyno sex videos

the doctor is concerned that Alyson’s intimate problems come from the lack of sex. He is eager to help, first asking her to lube his cock with her saliva and then setting her up on the chair for some vaginal hardcore

nurse in uniform fingering

Jenny loves her job especially the sexy uniform with red details. Whenever she stays alone in the room she starts masturbating.

She spreads her pussy lips and starts fingering her pink

exposed nurses videos

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dirty blonde injection

Janet has some itch in her intimate area so she visits the clinic to check out what’s wrong with her pink

the nurse helps her undress for the gyno exam and then gets down to pelvic exam

after the exam the nurse concluded Janet needed an injection that would relief the symptoms of the allergic reaction to the new lube.

Then Janet gets the free bonus – anal exam. The nurse fingers her anus

more gyno exams

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3 doctor tushy flash movies for today
1st video: inside the examination room

2d video: Vanessa goes through strict examination

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3d video and breast exam along with vaginal probing on stirrups.

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