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Cute Samantha came to the clinic for a physical required to get admitted to college. She is not shy and loves her body so the whole exam was not an embarrassing procedure. She felt at ease and happily chatted to the nurse while she sticked her finger up her arsehole.

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The doctor inserted her tongue up her patient’s cunt. As the surprised moan came from above she explained:

- That is the best way to find out if you have the tension problems I think you may have. Your vagina, or pussy as you call it, makes certain juices when it is tense. The only way to tell just how tense you are is to lick up some of the juice. The taste will tell. I must say, you have the taste I suspected you might have.

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The nurse comes out to guide you into the examination room. She’s  small, Japanese, and her nicely proportioned bottom sways prettily under her white dress as she leads the way.

You’re stripped and into your gown in a moment, she returns to help you onto the examining table, then helps you place your feet in the stirrups. You notice that she takes unusual interest in your shaven condition. You blush a deep red and half close your thighs to her gaze. She admonishes you to remain spread and open so that the doctor can do his thing.

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The small blond nurse who had lead her into this office came through the door. A gentle smile preceded her like a ray of sunshine.

Relaxing Jenny even further. She placed the lone seat at the foot of the bench, her warm hands quickly spread the young girls legs.

The paper blouse again had again fallen to her stomach. But the nurse indicated she should turn on her side facing the wall. The small hands were fumbling with the knots holding the gown up. Jenny lay back onto the bench, and watched as the nurse pulled the gown off her body.

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Mature nurse with a stunning body walks into the examination room wearing the shortest and the tightest nurse uniform you have ever seen. The young patient was thoroughly impressed by those swaying hips. The nurse asked the necessary questions and then asked the girl to undress and spread her legs while seated on the gyno chair. She examined that clean shaved pussy and then gopt down to anal exam.

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the latina nurse is experienced enough to perform medical examination all on her own. The doctor is busy with other patients and she tends to the beautiful redhead teen with very pale skin. The patient undressed and the examination started.

The latina asked readhead cutie to bend down as low as she could to check the flexibility and her spine. She took some notes in her notebook as the teen was standing bent almost in half.

Then the brunette nurse examined the small perky tits of hers.

As the teen turned out to be still a virgin the gyno exam with specula was impossible so the nurse got down to anal exam immediately.

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The cute teenage brunette liked the gentle and professional doctor. They shaked hands and the doctor asked several questions before telling the girl to undress and put on a medical gown.

Check out thet sexy bum which is not covered by the medical gown. The doctor is checking the patient’s weight.

Some breast feeling. The doctor touched and squeezed those small titties.

Here we are finally. The doc put on her gloves and with the patient’s legs in stirrups she slowly inserted one finger up that shaved goodness.

And yet again the doctor fingered the teen’s asshole with her lubed finger.

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The true masterpiece of a gallery. Blonde with huge silicones gets her breasts and vagina and ass examined at the clinic. The experienced mature nurse guides the patient through the exam professionally.

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Here are downloadable videos of blonde Beatka with huge boobies. She is so outraged with how the kinky male doctor treats her she cannot form words. She just lies there with her legs spread wide and tries not to cry of humiliation.

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Shy forty-something woman entered the doctor’s office one dull afternoon.

Little did the doc know she would be so much fun with her clean shaved pussy and body of a teenager.

He took great pleasure in examining her pussy and taking her rectal temperature.

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Teen cutie with red hair and a charming smile turned up at the doctor’s office late in the day. She cheerfully explained she needed a medical exam to be accepted to work as a waitress.

The doctor gladly obliged by checking her heart rate and examining her nice boobies. He also checked her vagina which was followed by a bonus anal exam


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Teen with a tattoo feels completely at ease while exposed in front of this old perverted doc. He examined her nice small tits and then went straight to the pelvic exam.

He inserted a pussy spreader and took a peek at the pink insides.

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Carmen is an immigrant from Mexico. She had been unemployed for very long looking for a position as a maid in any hotel. She finally managed to find the job and the boss required her to pass a medical exam. She felt so shy to be so exposed to a woman.

The nurse followed the routine of a complete physical including breast exam and vaginal exam.

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Meet Marina. She is a strip dancer in a club in Prague. She is very used to men staring at her nude body and to the occasional touches she allows them. She feels a little offended when the doctor at gyno clinic is thoroughly unimpressed by her coluptious body and big tits. The old doctor had seen so many beautiful girls throughout his career in medicine that he cannot bring himself to care.

Kinky Gyno Clinic

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