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Dr.  Joyce was spreading KY jelly on her index finger and then she began to apply it to Sally’s rectum.  She spread it all around the area and then began to insert her finger just to the first knuckle.  “Dr.  Joyce, STOP, that feels weird.  It’s worse than what I remember.”  Dr.  Joyce continued to lubricate the inside of Sally’s asshole and as she removed her finger she said, “Sally, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.  And, I have to insert my finger all the way inside later on when we do the rectal examination.  I’d recommend that you try to loosen up a little bit.  Now, I’m going to insert the thermometer.”
As Nurse Adams continued to hold Sally’s asscheeks apart, Dr.  Joyce removed her finger and quickly placed the thermometer inside Sally’s ass.  As the thermometer slid inside, Sally began to whimper.

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Amanda was pleasantly surprised that her female doctor who was on vacation at the time was replaced by a young man with good looks. She let him examine her vagina and ass before sliding to the floor and unzipping his trousers to get his hard cock out and in her craving mouth. He didn’t wait to thrust into her mouth almost making her gag and then fucked her doggy style on the couch as it was what she was begging for.

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Jessie came from sunny Miami where she spent most of her days on the beach or near the pool, sun tanning or partying with her friends. Her life was a paradise until her parents cut off her money finally realising she was useless. She had to move to a cheaper flat in the outskirts of NY city and find a job as a waitress as she doesn’t know anything else. To get the job she needed medical exam which turned out to be utter humiliation.

She had never been told what to do in such situation. The doctors she had met in Miami were so enchanted with her or with her parents’ money that she felt like a princess during the whole exam. This time the female nurse gave zero fucks about her glamorous past life and her tanned skin. She told her to undress and do it fast – in this cheap hospital there were always long queues of patients waiting for their turn. The vaginal exam was the worst part. No tender and caring fingers – all rough and long digits, parting her labia and intruding her dry insides.

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hardcore medical fetish

Doctor Jameson got a treat this time. His jaw fell as her saw the gorgeous blonde coming into his office. He invited her to sit on the gyno chair while he filled out the questionnaire.

When this was done he asked her to remove all her clothes and barely resisted the temptation to watch her pull down her blue pants

He asked her to step on the scales and looked at her bare ass showing from the medical gown.

By the time of breast exam he was already achingly hard. He asked her to drop her gown so that her perfect boobs were showing and started feeling them slowly. Feeling suddenly that she wouldn’t mind he tilted his head and started sucking on her breast.

The blonde was pleasantly surprised and relaxed under his expert hands. He slowly moved down kissing her abdomen and then lower, to her shaved pelvis and vagina. Watch the hardcore medical fetish video by Doctor tushy

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Sarah has recently got new job. before she can get to work, she is required to undergo a complete physical exam. She arranged an appointment and came on time for the exam. The nurse greeted her and started the medical exam

She fingered mature woman’s asshole

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Curvy blonde Jessica has been married for one month already and is she happy with her husband. He is neither handsome nor athletic, but he is rich and that is what turns Jessica on. She is eager to please her husband but their sexual life has become boring to him. Her amasing blowjobs and tight wet pussy don’t turn him on the way she wants to. And Jessica started to notice his glares at other girls’ round asses. She was alarmed – she wasn’t going to lose her husband to some skillful whore. So after asking advice from her more successful housewife friends Jessica headed straight to gyno clinic to see a doctor and ask him to get her virgin asshole ready for her husband’s cock.

The doctor turned out to be a handsome young man. He carefully weighted her

And checked her boobs as the usual medical exam routine.

Then Jessica asked his help in stretching her asshole. So the doctor needed the lube and told her to suck his penis till it’s wet enough to slide painlessly into her asshole

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I picked up the speculum with one hand and with the other I gently spread the inner and outer lips of her by now very moist vagina. Slowly but deftly I inserted the instrument to it’s fullest depth and then turned it slowly from side to side as I viewed once again her uterus. When I finally got it to the position I wanted I pressed the lock and with a loud click it locked in its fullest open position. As it did, I just happened to look up at her face and saw her eyes open as widely as they could and a look of fright come over her face. I reassured her that all was OK and that the sound she had heard was only the instrument locking into place. She returned back to her point of fixation on the ceiling and I to my fixation point deep inside the tunnel I had created within her.

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Now I took my long stemmed Q-tip and passing it through the speculum I gently wiped at the oozing which was coming from her uterus. She appeared not to notice anything that I was doing at this point and was obviously somewhere else mentally. I removed and discarded the Q-tip and ever so slowly began removing the still open speculum from her vagina. As I got it about half way out I could see the moisture on the inner walls of her vagina and knew that she was enjoying her visit to my office, despite her signs of apprehension and fear. I released the lock on the speculum and removed it from her entirely. Her face showed a sign of relief and she smiled at me momentarily, then returning to her spot on the ceiling. I told her that the examination was almost over and that she was being a very good patient and complimented her on how relaxed she was. I told her that many of my patients tensed up during the exam and that it just made it more difficult for me and more uncomfortable for them.

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Janet gently moved Kristen’s legs apart, loosening up her buttocks a little. Kristen wiggled her body and got comfortable. Janet rested her hand on Kristen’s buttocks and spread them good. Kristen’s anal opening was very relaxed and the pressure on her buttocks caused her hole to open up to Janet.

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Janet spoke slowly and calmly saying “Ok Kristen, I’m going to insert the thermometer into you now, just relax…” as the bulb made contact with her skin. Kristen’s body spasmed as Janet guided the thermometer deep into Kristen’s rectum.

Doctor hardcore video:

When Janet finished putting the thermometer in, she took her hand off Kristen’s buttocks and rubbed her back, up and down, then over her buttocks. Kristen tightened her buttocks when Janet’s hand brushed across them.

breast and speculum exam

He seemed to do a more thorough job of examining the breast than I had encountered in past exams I have been privy to. He then moved on to her right breast with the same skill of exam and as he finished it he had her sit up straight with her left arm in the air so he could examine the left breast again . Then back to the right breast with the same skill. Now he had Melana step off of the table and stand with both arms to her side as he went behind her and examined both of her breasts again. Then moving to the front of her, he stood and looked at her breasts. Then he took one in each hand as if weighing them for measure.

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After writing in her charts he told her to return to the table and sit up. As she did this he did all the palpitations on her back. Then he asked her to lie down so the same could be done to her front side. With that done he informed her it was time for her pelvic and rectal exam.

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She would have to scoot to the end of the table and put her feet and legs in the stirrups.

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rough rectal exam

They have a lab down there and a room off the side, which I had never been in and another room where they gave shots in the arms from a chair and did the gag throat swabs etc. deep rectal insertionI sat in a the waiting area chairs with the others waiting to be called. My mother and I waited for awhile and finally a nurse came down from upstairs and called my name. That was weird usually the nurse in the lab takes care of things. I got up and followed her and instead of going back into the lab we went in a room that I had never really even noticed before. She opened the door and we went in. There was just examing table in the room and a sink and cabinet. She instructed me to “just lay on my stomach on the examing table”. I climbed up the examing table and laid down on my stomach as instructed. I was thinking to myself which arm would she give me the shot and in fact I think I may have had one sleeve kind of rolled up. Then the next thing she said was, “I need you to pull you pants and underwear down and then lay on your stomach”. OH!!! I climbed off the table and pulled everything down as instructed and climbed back on to the table. I laid there for a minute or two thinking to myself I wonder how this is going to feel. I didn’t recall getting one in the bottom before. I just looked forward and waited, they must have given shots in the bottom in that room because there was a picture of a clown looking right at me as I looked forward. The nurse finally came up on my left side and told me to hold still and I don’t recall the alcohol going on but I do remember the shot. It stung alot but was not earth shattering.
pough physical exam nipple pinch vagina exam
When the nurse was done she told me I could get dress and wait for 20 minutes to make sure I did not have a reaction to the injection. My mother asked if I was ok and if the shot went in my bottom and I said yes to both questions. To this day I still don’t know what the shot was, I asked my mother years later and she did not recall. Ever since that experience I have always enjoyed shots in the bottom.More gyno special examinations >

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vagina closeup exclusive gyno exam

Today we have one really cute teen. Carmen is no nvice to gynecologicel exams, but this one is the first where she is nude in front of a male doctor. Doctor Jonas is glad to see her and does everything to make her feel comfortable.

As to the gyno exam routine – this time we have everything: abdomen palpation, breast exam, pulse checkup, pussy fingering and to top it all gyno speculumwith a gorgeous closeup

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Medical fetish story

I found it odd she did not give me a gown to put on, or that she didn’t
say to wear underwear like usual, so I just undressed to my shorts. She
returned a few moments later and looking at me with a double take told
me the shorts had to go too, telling me the doctor preferred to examine
all ‘complete’ physical patients in the nude. So I complied, removing my
shorts as she began to visually examine me from head to toe.

gyno-exam-17.jpg gyno-exam-21.jpg

She took my blood pressure, then put me on the scale for height and
weight when the doctor walked in. She was slender, with dark hair tied
up in a bun, and had a serious-like smile. The assistant walked me to
the side of the exam table as the doctor came and introduced herself.
She looked me up and down from the front, asked me turn and did the same
from the back. She then checked my eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Then
she checked my breathing and heart all in a standing position.

I was the asked to lie on the table on my back, where she examined my
abdomen moving closer to my pelvic region. She checked my pulse on each
side of my pelvis moving on to the hernia check, then examining my
testicles, taking her time, moving to my penis, examining from it from
the base to the head little by little, asking me if I felt any
tenderness as she slowly moved her gloved fingers up my now throbbing
penis. Moving on, she examined my legs all the way to my feet, then
asked me to roll over on my belly. She examined my back from the base of
my head to my tail bone, stopping to check my sides here and there, then
without warning she pulled my backside apart and began poking and
“massaging” between my scotum and anus, then above my anus to my tail
So here comes the fun part. She tells me that her assistant will need to
get a rectal temp and do a preliminary digital exam before the full
rectal. So the assistant asks me to raise myself up as she slips a
pillow underneath me and asks me to part my legs.

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Humiliating medical experience

The doctor kissed and embraced Erica causing me to feel a pang of
jealousy. The doctor sat down at a small desk and took out some forms.
She then looked at me for the first time saying “Erica you lied! This
creature is divine, she’s prettier than you said she was. The way she
looks kneeling with that collar and leash, she’s a Dominant’s wet dream.
Let’s get the questions over with quickly so I can see her naked, OK ?”.


I blushed red at hearing this remark. Apparently Mistress had told her
all about my submission to her which had only occurred a few days ago.
Erica had given me a job and seduced me all in the same day. Erica
showed me the ways of Lesbian Love, and experience that I will always
remember. I was under her spell immediately and when she told me she was
a dominate and wanted me to be her Slave. I really didn’t understand
what a submissive was. All I knew was that Erica did things to me that
made my body quiver with desire. I had agreed to become her Slave
because something deep inside of me, I can not explain, said this
beautiful woman loves you and if you let her she will protect you and
give you what no one else in the world can.


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It was really humiliating to know that another person knew of my
submission to Erica. Mistress was now speaking “Yes Lori is very pretty,
her training has just started. She has a lot to learn about pleasing me
and becoming more submissive before she attains full Slave Status.” The
doctor told me to stand. I looked up at Mistress and she nodded yes. I
quickly stood up, relieved that the pressure was off my fingers.

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lusty doctor

I stammered. “Um, yes,…where did you get them?” Geesh, as if she
bought them from a discount store or something. I was really losing
control of this exam. I felt like I had the confidence of Woody Allen. I
shook my head, and covered my face with my open hand. She chuckled at me
as I sat back on the stool at the foot of the examining table. She told
me of the name of the plastic surgeon and the date of the procedure,
which I entered into her file.
doctor-exam-11.jpg doctor-exam-13.jpg doctor-exam-14.jpg

“Do you want to feel them?” she then asked.

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Of course I did, but it would serve no medical purpose, as lumps would
not be present with implants, but there are lymph nodes around the
breasts which can still develop cancer, so I thought that at least a
partial exam would seem appropriate.
doctor-exam-08.jpg doctor-exam-09.jpg

I paused and looked at her. She had eyes, artificially green by
contacts, which cut through me as though they were real, and implanted
tits that stood out at me and begged to be groped. She was fake, yet
very appealing. A comparison to a sex android could have been made.

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“Go ahead,” she said and smiled, “I know you want to”.
She was so perceptive. I stood, and slowly approached her as she sat on
the edge of the examining table. I stood directly in front of her, and
as I moved in, she spread her legs so that I could get closer. I glanced
down at her lap, and as I should have expected, it had no hair. Shit, I
love a bald pussy. It was as if she knew. I could have, and should have,
walked around to her side, but this was getting intense, and lust was
starting to impair my better judgment. I pulled my attention from her
lap and began the breast exam as I would with any other breast, and
started by palpating (feeling) the lateral group of axillary lymph nodes
(under her arm pits) and slowly worked in towards the breast. I could
feel where the implant started, and at that point, began to palpate the
corresponding side under the opposite arm, when she interrupted me.

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