First physical exam

Ashley was very nerveous as she layed on the gyno table waiting for the
doctor. She had not been to the gyno in a few years: She always douched
after her period, and never had any problems. Now at the age of 19, she
was having a real problem. She had a real hard time peeing, and she
could not move her bowels. She was so embarassed, but her mother finally
made the appointment.

nurse_16.jpg nurse_17.jpg nurse_19.jpg

A few minutes later the doctor walked in the room. He said, “whats the
problem, young lady?” Ashley was turning red as she told the young
handsome doctor. He listened, then nodded his head at the nurse. He told
her he would “fix her up” right away.

nurse_24.jpg nurse_23.jpg nurse_28.jpg

Ashley heard water running as the nurse filled a rather large red bag
with a amber latex hose attached . She then hung it on an IV pole next
to the Gyno bed where Ashley was laying. The nurse then attached the
long red colon tube and started lubing it. Ashley looked terrified as
the nurse greased the long red colon tube. It was the diameter of a
cigar! The nurse released the clamp to get the water running and then
told Ashley to lay on her left side and bend her knee. She complied, and
was trembling, and afraid.

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She felt the nurse push a finger into her ass first, and quickly pulled
it out.. “WOW” shouted the nurse. “Your totally impacted and we have to
start with some oil”. The nurse opened the drawer and pulled out a large
blue female bulb syringe. She said, “Honey, thats all I have”.. Ashley
looked puzzled? The nurse filled the syringe with mineral oil, and told
Ashley to get on all fours. Ashley did , and felt the long white rubber
douche nozzle sliding into her rectum. “Ahhhh……,oooouch “: Ashley
moaned as the syringe was burried into her ass. Then she felt the oil
being injected into her. In a few seconds Askey felt the long nozzle
sliding out of her asshole, and her ass puckering closed,

The nurse then told her to “hold it” as she brought over a catheter
tray. Ashley had never seen that before. The nurse swabbed Ashley’s pee
hole with iodine, and then started lubing a small yellow tube. The tube
was weird, it had a “y” connection at the end. Ashley had never seen a
“foley” before. She noticed it said #22 Fr. 30cc. on the package. The
nurse told AShley to “relax” as she probbed her peehole. All of a
sudden, Ashley felt a sharp burning pain a the nurse slide the catheter
into her pee hole. (*DAMN-ouch)…

Next the nurse attached a 60cc syringe filled with water and began
injecting the water into the catheter. Ashley felt both a “fullness” and
relief as the catheter inflated and her pee ran out. When the syringe
was empty, the nurse disconnected the syringe and connected a
“collection bag” to the end of the already leaking catheter. Ashley felt
a burning in her peehole, but also felt releaf. But now Ashley had to
shit from the oil in her ass.

The nurse then said, “turn on your side, and raise one knee to your
chest”. Ashley felt embarrased and awkward as she did. Then she felt the
nurse put the greased up colon tube to her asshole opening. She pushed,
and told Ashley to “bear down”. Ashley did, and then felt the long snake
being worked up her colon. Ashley moaned softly, as it felt so strange
but good. Ashlet hear a “click” from the metal hose clamp and then felt
the water running into her asshole.

Ashley could see the red bag deflating as the water ran into her ass.
She started to get cramps, and begged the nurse to stop. The nurse
replyed, “grow up, you big baby”, and shoved the colon tube up her
virgin ass another 8 inches. Ashley clinched her ass muscles tight
against the tube as the shit wanted to come out. When the bag was empty,
the nurse noticed that Ashley had tears in her eyes. Her stomach was
ballooned out like she was about to deliver a baby! The nurse knew
Ashley could not make it to the bathroom. She grabbed the plastic waste
basket and held it under Ashleys ass as the tube was slowly sliding out
of Ashleys ass. When the last inch of the tube came out, Ashley could
not close her ass against the torrent of water inside her. She felt her
ass open followed by the sound of the spray hitting the sides of the
waste basket. The nurse had a “discusted” look on her face as the young
girl layed there and shit out a stream of dark brown water and turds.
The force was so great, that Ashley actually sprayed the nurse from the
intensity of the spray. She heard the nurse say “aw shit”, as she saw
the stains on her outfit. In a few minutes, Ashley felt a lot better,
and layed there as the nurse cleaned up.

The doctor walked in, and saw the nurse. He told her to change, and that
he would finish. Ashley covered herself with the sheet, and slid up on
the bed. The doctor then open the cabinet and pulled out a pink feminine
folding douche syringe with a white nozzle. Ashley recognized that from
the one her mother had, and was no stranger to it.

She felt relaxed as she knew what that felt like. The doctor filled the
bag amd added a packet of Massengil douche powder to it. He hung it on
the IV pole and released the clamp. Ashley noticed the water spraying
out and the familiar “hissing” sound the nozzle made as the water
sprayed throught the small holes. She pulled the sheet back and spread
her legs. The catheter was still in her, but the douche was going in a
little lower into her vagina.

The doctor reached down and spread her labia, to expose her pink vagina.
He carefully twisted the nozzle into her, the full 6 inches. He asked
Ashley if she had docuhed before. She said “yes, after my period”. The
doctor said “good”, and started the water. She felt the nice warm
feeling of the douche, and the “tingle” from the Massengill powder. The
doctor had her labia pinched around the nozzle and she felt her vagina
expand as she filled. He then clamped and told her to “hold it”. A
minute later, she felt him release her labia, and her told her to
“push”. She beared down, and sprayed the water out.

Ashley started to get aroused as the nozzle was pressing against her
clit. After several minutes, Ashley felt an orgasm comming. The doctor
*smiled*, and nodded his approval. Then she could not hold it back, and
arched her back, and let herself cum. Her body rocked back and forth as
the doctor continued douching her. She
counted….1….2….3….4….orgasms. OMG!!! , she thought; but it
was too late. The doctor was giggling and had a “smirk” on his face….
She felt hulimated and totally embarassed. She wanted to die!!! But it
felt so DAMN good.

Soon the pink douche bag was empty. And the doctor removed the douche
pipe as Ashley layed in silent bliss. This was “great” she thought. She
never had an orgasm with her douching, but she never had a man helping
her before either.

The doctor left the room and the nurse came in and removed the catheter.
Ashley felt better now…So much better…….and thanked the nurse.
Her pussy was still “tingling” from the douche and the orgasm.

As she was leaving the room, the doctor smiled and said she should come
back next week if she doesnt get any better. Ashley really had to THINK
about that one!

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