Humiliating medical experience

The doctor kissed and embraced Erica causing me to feel a pang of
jealousy. The doctor sat down at a small desk and took out some forms.
She then looked at me for the first time saying “Erica you lied! This
creature is divine, she’s prettier than you said she was. The way she
looks kneeling with that collar and leash, she’s a Dominant’s wet dream.
Let’s get the questions over with quickly so I can see her naked, OK ?”.


I blushed red at hearing this remark. Apparently Mistress had told her
all about my submission to her which had only occurred a few days ago.
Erica had given me a job and seduced me all in the same day. Erica
showed me the ways of Lesbian Love, and experience that I will always
remember. I was under her spell immediately and when she told me she was
a dominate and wanted me to be her Slave. I really didn’t understand
what a submissive was. All I knew was that Erica did things to me that
made my body quiver with desire. I had agreed to become her Slave
because something deep inside of me, I can not explain, said this
beautiful woman loves you and if you let her she will protect you and
give you what no one else in the world can.


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It was really humiliating to know that another person knew of my
submission to Erica. Mistress was now speaking “Yes Lori is very pretty,
her training has just started. She has a lot to learn about pleasing me
and becoming more submissive before she attains full Slave Status.” The
doctor told me to stand. I looked up at Mistress and she nodded yes. I
quickly stood up, relieved that the pressure was off my fingers.

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