lusty doctor

I stammered. “Um, yes,…where did you get them?” Geesh, as if she
bought them from a discount store or something. I was really losing
control of this exam. I felt like I had the confidence of Woody Allen. I
shook my head, and covered my face with my open hand. She chuckled at me
as I sat back on the stool at the foot of the examining table. She told
me of the name of the plastic surgeon and the date of the procedure,
which I entered into her file.
doctor-exam-11.jpg doctor-exam-13.jpg doctor-exam-14.jpg

“Do you want to feel them?” she then asked.

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Of course I did, but it would serve no medical purpose, as lumps would
not be present with implants, but there are lymph nodes around the
breasts which can still develop cancer, so I thought that at least a
partial exam would seem appropriate.
doctor-exam-08.jpg doctor-exam-09.jpg

I paused and looked at her. She had eyes, artificially green by
contacts, which cut through me as though they were real, and implanted
tits that stood out at me and begged to be groped. She was fake, yet
very appealing. A comparison to a sex android could have been made.

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“Go ahead,” she said and smiled, “I know you want to”.
She was so perceptive. I stood, and slowly approached her as she sat on
the edge of the examining table. I stood directly in front of her, and
as I moved in, she spread her legs so that I could get closer. I glanced
down at her lap, and as I should have expected, it had no hair. Shit, I
love a bald pussy. It was as if she knew. I could have, and should have,
walked around to her side, but this was getting intense, and lust was
starting to impair my better judgment. I pulled my attention from her
lap and began the breast exam as I would with any other breast, and
started by palpating (feeling) the lateral group of axillary lymph nodes
(under her arm pits) and slowly worked in towards the breast. I could
feel where the implant started, and at that point, began to palpate the
corresponding side under the opposite arm, when she interrupted me.

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