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He seemed to do a more thorough job of examining the breast than I had encountered in past exams I have been privy to. He then moved on to her right breast with the same skill of exam and as he finished it he had her sit up straight with her left arm in the air so he could examine the left breast again . Then back to the right breast with the same skill. Now he had Melana step off of the table and stand with both arms to her side as he went behind her and examined both of her breasts again. Then moving to the front of her, he stood and looked at her breasts. Then he took one in each hand as if weighing them for measure.

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After writing in her charts he told her to return to the table and sit up. As she did this he did all the palpitations on her back. Then he asked her to lie down so the same could be done to her front side. With that done he informed her it was time for her pelvic and rectal exam.

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She would have to scoot to the end of the table and put her feet and legs in the stirrups.

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