anal exam video

Dr.  Joyce was spreading KY jelly on her index finger and then she began to apply it to Sally’s rectum.  She spread it all around the area and then began to insert her finger just to the first knuckle.  “Dr.  Joyce, STOP, that feels weird.  It’s worse than what I remember.”  Dr.  Joyce continued to lubricate the inside of Sally’s asshole and as she removed her finger she said, “Sally, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.  And, I have to insert my finger all the way inside later on when we do the rectal examination.  I’d recommend that you try to loosen up a little bit.  Now, I’m going to insert the thermometer.”
As Nurse Adams continued to hold Sally’s asscheeks apart, Dr.  Joyce removed her finger and quickly placed the thermometer inside Sally’s ass.  As the thermometer slid inside, Sally began to whimper.

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