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Then the light was switched on and focused between my legs. He said that he would first thoroughly lubricate my anus and rectum before introducing a proctoscope.

I heard again the sound of gloves being put on and saw him tie the mask behind his head and adjust the glasses he was wearing. He pulled over a stool and sat between my legs. First he massaged lubricant around the entrance of my rectum before a finger was inserted. He felt around the opening and slowly pushed his finger deeper inside of me.

His finger was soon released and I heard the sound of a metal object being adjusted. He sat the end of the proctoscope and the opening and told me to bear down and take a deep breath as he pushed the cold metal devise inside of me. This was a funny sensation, as I have never had anything bigger than a finger inside of me. I hurt and felt like i would tear but my anus soon adjusted to the large intruder.

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