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There was a drawer at the end of the examining table, so I opened it to see what was inside. All sort of goodies: speculums of several shapes & sizes, KY Jelly, examination gloves. I put on one examination glove and applied KY Jelly to my index finger. With my other hand, I spread her pussy lips apart and lubricated around the opening to her pussy. Then, I slowly eased my index finger inside. I could feel her tense and then relax her pussy as my finger slid all the way inside. She was tight, as I slowly moved my finger around inside of her pussy. I used my other hand to keep her pussy lips separated and to rub her clit while I moved my finger in and out of her pussy. Despite her tension and fear, she was beginning to loosen up for this examination. “Let’s put the speculum inside so we can see what’s going on”, I said, as I slid my finger from her pussy. Then, reaching into the open drawer in front of me, I selected a speculum and placed it at the opening of her pussy. I again separated her pussy lips and slid the speculum all the way inside.Following proper medical procedure, I turned the speculum and opened it. As I did this, she emitted a slight moan and tensed her hips. I began to again rub her clit to ease her tension. I looked in the speculum to see the pinkest pussy that I have ever seen. I had selected the smallest speculum and her pussy lips were wrapped tightly upon it. In fact, it almost seemed stuck as I slowly began to withdraw it from her pussy. But, it came out, and her pussy lips resumed to their normal state.

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