Medical fetish story

I found it odd she did not give me a gown to put on, or that she didn’t
say to wear underwear like usual, so I just undressed to my shorts. She
returned a few moments later and looking at me with a double take told
me the shorts had to go too, telling me the doctor preferred to examine
all ‘complete’ physical patients in the nude. So I complied, removing my
shorts as she began to visually examine me from head to toe.

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She took my blood pressure, then put me on the scale for height and
weight when the doctor walked in. She was slender, with dark hair tied
up in a bun, and had a serious-like smile. The assistant walked me to
the side of the exam table as the doctor came and introduced herself.
She looked me up and down from the front, asked me turn and did the same
from the back. She then checked my eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Then
she checked my breathing and heart all in a standing position.

I was the asked to lie on the table on my back, where she examined my
abdomen moving closer to my pelvic region. She checked my pulse on each
side of my pelvis moving on to the hernia check, then examining my
testicles, taking her time, moving to my penis, examining from it from
the base to the head little by little, asking me if I felt any
tenderness as she slowly moved her gloved fingers up my now throbbing
penis. Moving on, she examined my legs all the way to my feet, then
asked me to roll over on my belly. She examined my back from the base of
my head to my tail bone, stopping to check my sides here and there, then
without warning she pulled my backside apart and began poking and
“massaging” between my scotum and anus, then above my anus to my tail
So here comes the fun part. She tells me that her assistant will need to
get a rectal temp and do a preliminary digital exam before the full
rectal. So the assistant asks me to raise myself up as she slips a
pillow underneath me and asks me to part my legs.

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