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Well I started with my duties, preparing to take her history, getting her height, weight, and blood pressure.  Her name was Sharon.  I asked her to take off everything but her bra and panties, then set to my own preparations in such a way she wouldn’t feel she was being stared at.  That is another technique that comes from experience.

Well, when I turned around to start, she was completely naked. I was startled but I hid it well.  I told her it wasn’t necessary for her to remove all her clothes just yet and she said she didn’t mind, that she wasn’t a modest sort of person.  And she was just as beautiful naked as clothed, with a figure like I had never seen before.  There she stood, still with her friendly smile, completely naked though she didn’t have to be, standing there in front of me, completely clothed.  My heart was beating harder and I could tell I was turned on.

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