pelvic exam interrogation story

a part of gynecology exams

Amy went to examination room in order to pass unusual pelvic examination.But first of all she has answer some intimate questions (read below):

the female doctor was a big help. The lady doctor are much tender with the female patient then rude males.

Dr.: Can you explain?

Amy: Yeah. She took me to the doctor and, you know, they have to do an exam before
they’ll prescibe the pill. Like a full physical with blood stuff and everything. He showed
me how to do a breast self-exam on myself. Sort of like the spook likes me to rub my
titties, you know. And he did the first exam. It really wouldn’t have been all that
exciting. You know, more like doctor rubbing rough and all. But while he was doing
one breast, spook was doing the other one. Playing with my nipple and getting it hard
and stuff. And that made it a whole lot more exciting. Then he did the pelvic exam
with that big cold metal thing and while the doctor was looking inside me, spook was
rubbing my clit. I was already nervous and when he did that, I came like gangbusters.

Dr.: What did the doctor think of that? Did he see you being manipulated?

Amy: No. I sort of hoped he would since then someone else would have seen it. But he
didn’t. I guess he was too busy looking inside me or something. But when I got excited
and then when I came, he got really worried and strange. Said that wasn’t a normal
reaction to the pelvic exam at all and that it hardly ever happens. But most women
don’t have their clit played with while the doctor is looking inside either.

peep in the next examination room >>

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