rectal thermometer hardcore medical fetish video

Janet gently moved Kristen’s legs apart, loosening up her buttocks a little. Kristen wiggled her body and got comfortable. Janet rested her hand on Kristen’s buttocks and spread them good. Kristen’s anal opening was very relaxed and the pressure on her buttocks caused her hole to open up to Janet.

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rectal thermometer

Janet spoke slowly and calmly saying “Ok Kristen, I’m going to insert the thermometer into you now, just relax…” as the bulb made contact with her skin. Kristen’s body spasmed as Janet guided the thermometer deep into Kristen’s rectum.

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When Janet finished putting the thermometer in, she took her hand off Kristen’s buttocks and rubbed her back, up and down, then over her buttocks. Kristen tightened her buttocks when Janet’s hand brushed across them.

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