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My name is Carol Ivan. My mother took me to Dr. Gyno when I was 18 years old.  She told me it was for a medical examination.  When we got to his office the doctor took us into an examination room.  The doctor gave my mother some forms to fill out and a release form for her to sign.  The doctor told me to remove my close and put on a gown.

The doctor left at that point and I removed all my cloths and put on a gown.  My mom had completed filling out the forms by the time the doctor had came back into the room.  The doctor told me to lie down on the examination table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

Name: Christina
tushy gyno physical exam My collegue Doctor Carter’s new patient, Christina, came in to her office for an annual physical. Christina had been having some trouble with anal sex so she had her doctor check everything to make sure. She had her weight checked as well as a breast exam. She then spread her legs so the doctor could feel around her pussy and can insert the speculum for a pap smear. She finished the physical by checking her temperature with a rectal thermometer.

My mom then told me she would put a belt around my waist to prevent me from falling off the table.  It was a very wide belt and she put it on very tight.  The doctor was busy tying my feet onto the stirrups.

The doctor then moved over a big cart of equipment and placed it by my feet.  Then he then removed my gown.  Have you ever had a period the doctor asks? I told him no.  When did your breast begin to grow asks the doctor?  My breast buds had just started to swell this year I told him.

He then proceeded to move the stirrups very wide and he got between my legs.  The doctor started to examine my labia minor and major. He felt all over them and pulled very hard.  It was forbidden by our culture to have a man touch us down there until we are marred.  The doctor measured my lips and wrote it down on my chart.  Next he looked at my clitoris.  It was mostly covered by its hood.  The doctor said it was about ╜ inch long and 3/8 inch around.

The doctor then examined my hymen.  My mother was watching very close.  I could not be married if my hymen was broken.  The doctor said I had a very small hymen that covered about 10 % of my vaginal opening.  Her hymen will not break the first time she has sex and it will not bleed said the doctor.

The doctor then talked to my mom about what she had requested.  This is when I learned that I was going to have me circumcised.  The doctor told her, he would repair my hymen.  Trim and suture my labia minor together.  He asks her if she wanted me to have my clitoris removed or cover it up until I got married.

My mom told him it had to be completely removed.

I was very worried all of this sounded like it was going to hurt.  Why did I have to have it done when American girls did not have it done I ask my mom.  She told me it was how it was done in our culture.  The doctor picked up a scalpel and told me to remain still.  He then cut a layer of skin off the inside of my vagina and sutured it on to my old hymen.  This hurt terribly I was crying and screaming.  My mother put a piece of wood in between my teeth so I would not hurt my self.  Each sutures really hurt.  I ask them to make the pain go away and my mom told me it was customary this way.

The doctor then showed my mom the new hymen; he said it was 4 times as thick as most and it would bleed very nicely when I had sex the first time.  The new hymen covered 95% of the opening and would allow the menstrual blood to flow out.  I ask if it would hurt and the doctor told me it would hurt a lot the first time I had sex.

He then picked up the scalpel and started to cut around clitoris.  I started screaming it hurt so much.  The doctor then picked up a long tube with a hose on it. He put the tube over my clitoris and turned on the vacuum pump.  Normally I just use 5 inches of vacuum on a clit to maker it bigger.  But this time I need to pull on it very hard so he turned it up all the way.  I passed out from the pain. I woke up when he started pulling very hard on my clit and cut around it very deep.  When he said he was down to the root he picked up a flat bladed knife and cut it off very deep.  I passed out again.  The doctor turned off the vacuum pump and showed my clitoris to my mom, it was two inches long.  She was very happy.  My mom put some water on my face and I woke up.  Where my clit use to be it hurt terrible and it was bleeding a lot.  The doctor told my mom he had to kill the nerves.

The doctor brought over a new machine with a long tool attached to it.  He said for it to work it had to be grounded.  He pulled a wire off the machine and hooked its clamp to my nipple.  Then he turned on the machine.  On the long end of the tool was a round probe that I could tell had heated until it was red hot.  The doctor then pushed the probe into where my clit use to be.  I could here the burning flesh.  I screamed it hurt so badly.  I thought it was over then the doctor turned on the voltage.  It was like putting my finger in a light socket.  All the current flowed threw the probe into where my clit use to be and out my nipple.  I could see sparks on my nipple. The doctor removed the tool after 30 seconds.  I was going into convolutions at that point.  I wish I could pass out again.  My nipple had swelled 4 times larger that the other one and the clap on my nipple really hurt.  The doctor removed the clap from my nipple.  ThatТs when my nipple really hurt, all the blood was flowing back into it again.

The doctor picked up a tool that had a flat piece of metal on the end of the handle.  The flat part of the tool was very rough and sharp almost like a rasp.  I have to scrape your labiaТs so they will adhere to each other said the doctor.  He then grabbed my pussy lips one at a time and ran the tool over them.  I was again screaming bloody murder it hurt so bad I almost passed out.  After he ran the tool over my pussy lips they where bleeding very badly.  The doctor then sutured my labia minor together.  I have left a place for you to urinate and your menstrual flow to pass through said the doctor.

The doctor asks my mother to inspect me.  She said my circumcision was done very well.  I should consider my self lucky, most girls have it done in the bush and a lot of the girls die from infection.

He told my mother that I should stay in bed for a week, no physical work for a month.  The doctor then told me to come back in 2 days for a check up and do not wash the area or take a bath for a week.

That night my pussy hurt terribly, I had a hard time sleeping.  When I went to the bathroom it burned very bad.  By the second day most of the pain had gone away.

My mom took me back to the doctor for him to check me.  He had me get back up on the examination table.  The doctor started to pull on my pussy lips and see if he could get a finger behind them.  This hurt a lot they where sewn very tight.  He said they would heal very nicely and in two weeks he would take out the stitches.  Then he got his little finger in behind my pussy lips and touched my hymen.  You now have a very hard hymen.  Do not touch it said the doctor or I will have to repair it again and it will hurt more the next time.

Dr Gyno

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