hardcore medical fetish

Doctor Jameson got a treat this time. His jaw fell as her saw the gorgeous blonde coming into his office. He invited her to sit on the gyno chair while he filled out the questionnaire.

When this was done he asked her to remove all her clothes and barely resisted the temptation to watch her pull down her blue pants

He asked her to step on the scales and looked at her bare ass showing from the medical gown.

By the time of breast exam he was already achingly hard. He asked her to drop her gown so that her perfect boobs were showing and started feeling them slowly. Feeling suddenly that she wouldn’t mind he tilted his head and started sucking on her breast.

The blonde was pleasantly surprised and relaxed under his expert hands. He slowly moved down kissing her abdomen and then lower, to her shaved pelvis and vagina. Watch the hardcore medical fetish video by Doctor tushy

Author: admin on March 19, 2013
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