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Well this is what I call an eye candy. Lupita is a curvy ebony chick with beautiful titties and a clean shaved black slit. The video featuring her black pussy penetrated with a speculum is priceless.

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This dark haired chick gets my vote for the most glorious body but check out her nipples they are dark and huge. And when I say huge I mean enormous

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This gorgeous columbian arrived for a complete physical for her job. Her body is awesome you can see for yourself.

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The small blond nurse who had lead her into this office came through the door. A gentle smile preceded her like a ray of sunshine.

Relaxing Jenny even further. She placed the lone seat at the foot of the bench, her warm hands quickly spread the young girls legs.

The paper blouse again had again fallen to her stomach. But the nurse indicated she should turn on her side facing the wall. The small hands were fumbling with the knots holding the gown up. Jenny lay back onto the bench, and watched as the nurse pulled the gown off her body.

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Nicole was up for her annual gynaecology exam and physical checkup. The asian nurse couldn’t but admire her big tits and a huge round booty. She checked her breasts and her vitals and then got down to pelvic exam. The vagina exam was followed by anal exam.
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Shy black teen had never been at a full physical checkup. She is embarrassed when the nurse asked her the basic questions like “when did you last have sex?” or “how many partners did you have?” She is most pissed off when the nurse tells her to lay on her back and spread her legs. She cannot stand the feeling of speculum inside her tight hole.

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Amy Lee was a smart ebony teen who was leaving her hometown to go to college. Before she went she felt the need to attend a complete physical exam. The nurse took her time checking this gorgeous black babe’s vitals and then observing her black vagina through specula.

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Ebony nurse Tabitha felt some pain down there while having sex with her boyfriend. She was uncomfortable with the thought that she might have some infection. As she didn’t have enough money to visit a gyn, she decided to do a self examination. She undressed and sat on the chair with her legs wide apart and inserted a speculum in her pussy. She inspected the insides with a mirror.

The view of her own pink made her horny so she proceeded to finger her cunt

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Ebony hottie needs a medical examination form filled out to get a new job. Here she is all ready to undress and show us some round booty

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“Hi Janice” Jim said as professionally as he could. Professionalism was not the first thing on Jim’s mind, especially when he saw the the garter belt and silk camisole laying on the chair. Janice’s skirt and blouse were neatly folded over the back of the chair.

“No bra” Jim thought suddenly….”that’s what’s missing. She didn’t wear a bra.” “Hi Jim….or is it DOCTOR Jim now?” Janice said as she smiled that smile that always made Jim melt. “I get enough of that from the nurses!” Jim said laughingly, “Don’t you start on me”.

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“So, what brings you in today?” Jim asked, as he caught the first scent of Janice’s perfume. “I feel great,” Janice answered, “I just want to get a check up before winter hits.” Only the thinnest of paper gowns separated Jim from the most gorgeous body his dreams has ever created. That, and the smell of Janice’s perfume were already causing in increase in blood flow to Jim’s groin. He could feel his penis begin to swell as he listened to the sound of Janice’s breathing through his stethoscope.

That swelling became a full grown raging hard-on as Jim listened to Janice’s heart and caught a glimpse of her erect nipples…nipples that he longed to taste. Jim was hoping Janice would not notice the bulge in his pants, but from her mischievous grin, it was clear that she had. Jim’s heart nearly jumped into his throat when Janice said “I’ve always wanted to play doctor with you”. After an extra hard swallow Jim’s heart seemed to go back where it belonged. Not quite sure what to say, Jim blurted out “Well, what a coincidence that I’m seeing you today”. Jim could feel the blood rush to his face when Janice answered “You mean a coincidence that I’m here for an exam on your first day in the Clinic and that I’m your last patient of the day and that this exam includes a pelvic?” For what may have been the first time in his life, Jim didn’t know what to say.

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