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This nice sophomore blonde is up for her annual checkup. She is a little nervous as shi is not used to male gyns. Yet she soon grows more and more satisfied with the exam.

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The blonde patient is being actively sexually aggressive but the nurse doesn’t mind the dirty looks she is giving her. She is actually enjoying the promising look in these blue eyes so much she is going to give the blonde patient a special treatment.

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Some nice butt blonde is up for a good ol’ humiliation at the gyno clinic where women look their best on the gyno chairs with their legs up in the air.

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The nurse wrote down the answers to her routine questions as the blonde took off her clothes and sat on the gyno chair.

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It’s another day at work for the petite brunette nurse. The girl who came for an examination was very sun tanned and bright blonde. She was well experienced in terms of gyno exams so  the nurse didn’t have to explain a thing. She didn’t hesitate in the slightest as the nurse asked her to spread her legs wide for pap smear and pelvic exam.

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The cute blonde got accepted as a secretary to a huge company and one of the company’s requirements is that the employee should be perfectly healthy. So she showed up at her doctor’s office and asked for a complete physical. The female doctor obliged. She checked her vitals and then breast exam was followed by pelvic exam.

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Here is a special delivery from our beloved Doctor Tushy. This set features a gorgeous blonde wearing a gown which covers nothing but her front. She willingly opened her legs for the brunette mature nurse and relaxed completely throughout pelvic exam, pap smear and speculum exam.

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In the room I told her to wait.  She started taking off her dress.  I was past caring.  I started to leave.”Can’t you stay?” she asked.  She was smiling.”No,” I said, trying to make it sound  business-like.”Come on!” she said smiling again.  She didn’t have her dress undone yet, but she turned her rear toward me and patted it with her hand, smiling over shoulder.  I left, shutting the door.

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Check out that gorgeous arse. I’d bang that one. The nurse had to be made of stone not to touch it and squeeze it. Watch her carry on with the physical exam routine instead.

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Free downloadable videos of a latina nurse examining a sun tanned blonde. Watch her stick her finger in that tight asshole. More gyno exam videos

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Check out the downloadable videos delivered straight from Doctor Tushy. The sexy blonde with small tits squirms gorgeously when the nurse starts fingering her clean shaved pussy.

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