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sweet blonde pelvic exam

This nice sophomore blonde is up for her annual checkup. She is a little nervous as shi is not used to male gyns. Yet she soon grows more and more satisfied with the exam.

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Russian teen gyno exam

This sultry teen with perfect small tits and slim body is having the most embarrassing and unpleasant examination she had ever had.

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bizarre gyno exam

The nasty Czech doctor strikes again. Today’s patient is a busty blonde. She seems quite comfortable with the doctor’s hands roaming all over her skin. Breast exam, nipple pumping, peeing and gyno speculum – all in one examination video.






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busty blonde gyno exam videos

Here are downloadable videos of blonde Beatka with huge boobies. She is so outraged with how the kinky male doctor treats her she cannot form words. She just lies there with her legs spread wide and tries not to cry of humiliation.

more patients of the Kinky Gyno Clinic

young girl gyno exam


Teen with a tattoo feels completely at ease while exposed in front of this old perverted doc. He examined her nice small tits and then went straight to the pelvic exam.

He inserted a pussy spreader and took a peek at the pink insides.

Czech Gyno Clinic

Busty blonde gyno exam


Meet Marina. She is a strip dancer in a club in Prague. She is very used to men staring at her nude body and to the occasional touches she allows them. She feels a little offended when the doctor at gyno clinic is thoroughly unimpressed by her coluptious body and big tits. The old doctor had seen so many beautiful girls throughout his career in medicine that he cannot bring himself to care.

Kinky Gyno Clinic

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small tits medical exam

Czech gyno clinic presents yet another sexy patient – Evelyn is a tall slim brunette with small perky tits and tanned skin. She eagerly does whatever the doctor tells her. She settles on the gyno couch doggy style for some pussy closeup exam.

small tits medical fetish videos

Czech girl with plain breasts was up for a regular pelvic exam. She couldn’t quite relax in presence of the old male doctor who scrutinized her nude body.

Yet she managed to relax and enjoy herself when she lay on her back with her legs wide apart and the doctor’s fingers inside her vagina and brushing her g-spot.

The doctor assured her she will be okay and inserted huge gyno speculum into her cunt. She whimpered a little until the doc brushed her clit with his thumb.
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exclusive gyno exam in stirrups

Slavic babe with slender body and perfectly shaped big boobs is unaware of the camera installed in pervy doctor’s office. He had aligned the gyno chair so that his cam has the best view and records every exam he makes. The long legged babe makes herself comfortable in the chair and the doctor doesn’t waste any time and instantly inserts a big vibe into her beautiful shaved pussy and sets a pump on her left breast.

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The patient inhales sharply and then comes in a matter of seconds. The doctor then takes the vibrator out and slowly inserts his fingers to feel her muscles contract around them.

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Then he states that her vagina is perfectly healthy and deliciously pink and offers to take her to dinner with possibly a hot night after. The woman doesn’t mind having some sexy time with someone this professional.

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Gyno Exam Full HD Videos

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kinky doctor medical exam

check out these totally amazing pictures of a young Czech girl with a tattoo on her shoulder. The doctor put her into doggy style position to allegedly allow himself a better view for the exam.


He inserted his fingers into her vagina and stretched it.


Then he gave her a pussy enema


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doctor inspects pussy with speculum

“Let’s continue with the vaginal exam,” said Doctor.

doctor visual examination

For this part of the exam doctor took out a speculum and lubricated it thoroughly. Doctor explained that the purpose of the speculum was to force open orifices that were normally closed and that he would be inserting the speculum into her vagina for a close inspection of that area. “Please remain calm dear,” admonished the doctor, “And spread your legs as far apart as you can.”

vaginal exam using a speculum

A fresh pair of gloves was drawn and doctor placed the lubricated speculum at the base of Sandy’s vagina. In one sharp thrust the cold steel instrument invaded Sandy’s most private and sensitive area causing a loud gasp to be expelled. The doctor next took the base of the speculum and began opening it as Sandy began to squirm.

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Nasty and bizarre medical fetish

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breasts examination stretching therapy nasty nurse

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