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blonde full nude physical exam

The stunning blonde needed her pink checked for the college application. She strode into the gyno exam room and looked the nurse straight into the eye and said “Inspect my pussy”. The nurse pointed to the chair and said- Ok, it’s my job.


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bizarre gyno exam

The nasty Czech doctor strikes again. Today’s patient is a busty blonde. She seems quite comfortable with the doctor’s hands roaming all over her skin. Breast exam, nipple pumping, peeing and gyno speculum – all in one examination video.

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asian nurse gyno fetish

A girl in a pink training suite strolled into the examination room one Sunday morning. The petite oriental nurse examined her boobies and checked her vitals and then had her laid on her back on the gyno chair and settled between her legs for vagina exam


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hospital gyno exam

The beautiful patient is about to leave the hospital where she spent a couple of weeks but a blonde nurse appears and requires to undergo one last gyno exam.

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exotic dancer medical exam

Daniella is a strip dancer and the owner of the club she works at requires that all his models must be clean so every two months they all head to a gyno clinic for a complete physical.

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fatty gyno examination

Dr Phelps tried to supress the need to look at those huge melons but he hardly succeededespecially when the bbw patient took off her clothes and the fat tits were exposed.

However he remained professional and followed the routine without staring at those beauties.

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private gyno clinic candid camera

Dr Roberts had been quite well off since she started her own gyno clinic. But the more money you earn the greedier you get. So one of her friends suggested that she put hidden cams in her room and recorded all the exams in order to sell them to perverts who love to watch  a gyno speculum shoved up a pussy. She did and here is one of her precious teen patients in all her glory.

Doctor tushy picture of the moment – sticky post

I feel that I need some more eye candy on this blog porno (like there isn’t enough already). So here is Doctor tushy POTD rotator

latina gyno exam and speculum insertion

Look at that booty in for a gyno checkup at the women’s health center. Her boobs are equally nice

That ass is mesmerizing

I wouldn’t mind feeling these breasts too

And here is to the gyno speculum insertion…

And to top it all a rectal thermometer in that tight arsehole.

lesbian nurse gyno exam

The hot brunette that was in for a complete physical exam made the bisexual nurse’s mouth run dry  the moment she came in. The blonde cutie did her best to make the brunette enjoy every second of it.

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brunette medical exam pics

This cheerful brunette came in for a medical checkup after having her second child. She was relaxed and chatted with the nurse cheerfully as the blonde examined her vagina

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peeping into the examination room

I looked at the examining room door.  Dr. Kramer had gone in but Nancy and Susanne hadn’t come out.  I felt like listening.”What’s going *on* in there,” I asked Rachel.”Go ahead,
peek,” she answered.  What a thing to suggest!But I was curious.  “Go ahead,” she repeated.  I went to the door.  I didn’t hear any talking but thought I heard something.  I quietly opened it a crack.  No one said anything.  I quickly and quietly opened it wide enough to stick my head through.I was frozen for a second, then I quickly withdrew, quietly shutting the door.  I stood there, stunned!  Nancy and Susanne had been holding the woman, who was completely naked, against the wall, facing it, and Dr. Kramer had been behind her, pushing is cock right into her.

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petite brunette complete medical

As the female doctor entered the examination room she instantly started explaining the gyno exam routine to ensure that the patient feels comfortable with it.

She asked the necessary questions and filled in the compulsory forms. As she did so the petite brunette patient slowly undressed and donned a medical gown.

The doctor started the exam with checking the vitals and then moved on to the breast exam.

Then the patient was told to lie on her back and spread her legs. The doctor put on her sterile gloves and inspected the insides of her vagina, then inserted a gyno speculum and took pap smear.

big tits exam

Margaret was not quite sure what she felt when she was being examined by a petite blonde instead of her usual male doctor. She was so used to his strong hands examining her body these tender touches of the delicate fingers were not expected.

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