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Here we go – one site that has everything you need when it comes to medical fetish. Do you want enema porn? Check. Some gyno speculum insertion? Got it. Close up pap smear videos, cervix closeups, anal exams, rectal thermometers, breast exams and teen chicks wearing medical gowns with bare backs. Go visit Doctor Tushy gyno clinic

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Today we have one really cute teen. Carmen is no nvice to gynecologicel exams, but this one is the first where she is nude in front of a male doctor. Doctor Jonas is glad to see her and does everything to make her feel comfortable.

As to the gyno exam routine – this time we have everything: abdomen palpation, breast exam, pulse checkup, pussy fingering and to top it all gyno speculumwith a gorgeous closeup

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doctor tushy review and new medical fetish sites section DOCTOR GYNO

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Doctor gyno exam story with movies

Doctor gyno sex story
It was a brisk autumn day in the Family Clinic. Jim looked at his schedule for the day and sighed as he rubbed his eyes. He had over twenty patients to see today, after having been on call in the hospital the night before. “I thought third year was supposed to be fun…” Jim mused. His third year of medical school had been a blur of doctors, patients, uncomfortable beds in on-call rooms, and late nights hitting the books so he would be prepared to answer even the most obscure questions at morning rounds. Today was working in the Family Clinic, part of his clerkship in the Department of Family Medicine. The first two weeks of this clerkship had been with a Family Practitioner in rural Nevada. Today was Jim’s first day in the Family Clinic. His job, at least in principle, was simple enough. Perform physical examinations on all new non-emergency patients. It’s been said that no physical exam is as thorough as one given by a medical student. Their thoroughness was not so much a matter of technical expertise, but rather sheer terror at the thought of missing something that was discovered later by one of the doctors who issued grades and perhaps more importantly, wrote letters of recommendation to residency programs. “At least it’s only a half-day” Jim thought to himself, grateful that he had the afternoon off. Jim’s self pity was interrupted as he scanned the morning schedule again. Amidst all the names on the list, there was one he recognized.

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Gyno porn

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Lauren visits a sexy Gynecologist for her first examination. Her doctor tells her to strip down her clothing then has all her vitals checked. She then places her feet in the stirrups and receives a gyno exam. Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally. see her gyno exam now!

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Keesha went to her doctor for a yearly checkup. The doctor started with her vitals, checking her blood pressure heart. He then proceeded to check her breasts. Following her breasts he gave her a complete gyno exam and rectal exam including taking her temperature rectally. After checking his charts he realized she needed an injection. Watch the entire movie here!

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Gyno exams avs site

gyno exam

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gyno exam

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gyno exam

Added 12/04/06

See the girls on the pics getting examined at the gyno clinic.

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Doctor tushy movie clips

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This cute blonde never suspected that when she comes to gyno clinic she gets filmed for the most explicit gyno fetish.

She complained about her vaginal itch she experiences from time to time. The nurse told her the doctor will come later and before he came she could perform a complete physical including height and weight meausing, heart rate check and breast exam. Infortunately the doctor couldn’t come that day so the nurse proceeded with the gyno exam. She carefully feeled the blonde’s vagina with her finger, then lubed it and inserted a gyno speculum so take probes. She finished up with anal cavity exam and rectal thermometer.

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