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brunette physical exam fetish

This gorgeous young woman was not hesitating when the doctor asked her to remove all her clothes. She actually enjoyed showing off her perfect body.

The doctor checked her vitals and checked her lungs then he asked her to lie on her back.

He palpated her stomack and then took off her panties for a pelvic exam.



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one doctor three vaginas

The three desperate housewives are very keen on doing everything together. Apparently this time they are going to let the doctor examine their pussies in turn. All right, the doc is up to no fiddling. Here he comes with his plastic speculum.

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Dr Roberts had been quite well off since she started her own gyno clinic. But the more money you earn the greedier you get. So one of her friends suggested that she put hidden cams in her room and recorded all the exams in order to sell them to perverts who love to watch  a gyno speculum shoved up a pussy. She did and here is one of her precious teen patients in all her glory.

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Look at that booty in for a gyno checkup at the women’s health center. Her boobs are equally nice

That ass is mesmerizing

I wouldn’t mind feeling these breasts too

And here is to the gyno speculum insertion…

And to top it all a rectal thermometer in that tight arsehole.

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Brunette with big boobies and a nice round ass surprised the blonde doc as she undressed without being asked to and was not shy in the least and instead talked in a relaxed manner and was all in all a pleasure to deal with

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brunette gyno exam videos

I laid down, being sure to pull the sheet up to my neck nearly as he approached me from one side. He lifted the sheet off of my right breast and placed one hand over the top of it and the other to circle gently in a crescent, cupping the underside of my soft flesh. I caught his eyes briefly and then looked away, the look that was on his face was a most serious one as he checked for any lumps, gently massaging and kneading my breast, searching in a circular fashion towards the nipple, and as always it hardened. He rolled his thumb and forefinger from the outer sides of my breast towards the nipple until milk appeared, glistening upon my rose coloured peak.

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Speculum insertion

After a few minutes, Dr. Jenkins spoke up and said, “Let’s look at those temperatures”, and I could see him stand to retrieve the one from her mouth “98 point 6”, her vagina “99 point 6” and her rectum “99 point 6…no elevated temperature…I’m going to take a look with a speculum.” I could hear a drawer sliding open and shut, and the movement of a metal instrument. “Spread your legs wider so I can insert this…wider! Don’t close them!..and I could see Agent Price agent step forward and place her hands on Beth’s knees to separate them.

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gyno speculum pelvic exam

The doctor rolled back on his chair and reached again to the paraphenalia on the table, I saw her lift a cloth and my eyes beheld that most incorrigible and graceless instrument known to womankind, the ever-cold speculum. And with that sight I promptly closed my thighs together as much as the stirrups would allow and looked again at the ceiling instead of the mirror. She rolled herself back between my legs and said, “Now now, none of that.” As she placed the speculum on the examine table and reached up, using her wrists to pry and guide my thighs open.

She asked me to scoot myself farther down the table and I did and then with one hand she opened my lips again and put the tip of the speculum to the inlet of my passage and eased
the beast into me. It was cold and the muscles within clenched down as if they also wanted nothing to do with such a thing. Yet she managed to slide it in completely and then
began to open it.

I began to close my thighs together unconsciously again and was gently reprimanded with, “Uh-uh.”
I felt the Q-tip-like swab from hell upon my cervix as she did the pap smear and then more heat as she moved the exam lamp closer and he visually examined my inner parts of my
sex. I felt myself pushing down on the speculum, just wanting the damn thing out of my body. It felt like an intruder.

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Here comes a special treat delivered by Doctor Tushy. Voluptuous body and huge heavy boobs. Just watch the way she sways her gorgeous forms when sitting into the chair. The nurse throws jealous glances when the sexy latina undresses.

She checked her breasts and then told her to lie on her back and spread her legs. The nurse put on her gloves and slowly worked her finger in her shaved vagina and probed inside before inserting specula.

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perfect ass medical exam

If you asked me how I would call this set I’d say “Doctor, Nurse and the Perfect Ass”. No seriously, check out this gorgeous latina’s tight and beautiful arse

so here she is in the doctor’s office stripping off her clothes and putting on the gown

and to top it all – some pics of her pelvic exam

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tampon insertion videos

Here is a special Sunday treat for you folks. The new patient of our kinky gyno clinic is a stunning tall blond. See how the old doc can’t contain his awe.

When Kira was fully undressed and spread on the couch the doc discovered she was on her period and had a tampon inside her vagina. He had to remove it slowly pulling by the thread.

And here is a video of the gyno speculum inspection.

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Kinky doctor examined shy teen cutie with hairy pussy. He told her to undress to which she complied reluctantly. His gaze studied her body as she stood there full naked, trying to cover her nakedness with her slim hands.

he had her spread her legs and put them in stirrups to get the best view of her hairy vagina. He fingered it to prepare and then slid a metal speculum deep inside.

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double dildo penetration

The old kinky doctor has his own ways of performing gyno exam. This time he decided his patient Gabriela needed some dp. He first carefully examined her vagina with a speculum.

after seeing that everything is fine inside her cunt, he shove a huge green vibrator up her cunt and a metal smaller one up her lubed asshole. Watch her wiggle and moan durinf kinky gyno exam.

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black nurse self gyno exam

Ebony nurse Tabitha felt some pain down there while having sex with her boyfriend. She was uncomfortable with the thought that she might have some infection. As she didn’t have enough money to visit a gyn, she decided to do a self examination. She undressed and sat on the chair with her legs wide apart and inserted a speculum in her pussy. She inspected the insides with a mirror.

The view of her own pink made her horny so she proceeded to finger her cunt

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