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Sun tanned brunette telling the small blonde nurse about her problems and getting nude for the medical exam

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Speculum insertion

After a few minutes, Dr. Jenkins spoke up and said, “Let’s look at those temperatures”, and I could see him stand to retrieve the one from her mouth “98 point 6”, her vagina “99 point 6” and her rectum “99 point 6…no elevated temperature…I’m going to take a look with a speculum.” I could hear a drawer sliding open and shut, and the movement of a metal instrument. “Spread your legs wider so I can insert this…wider! Don’t close them!..and I could see Agent Price agent step forward and place her hands on Beth’s knees to separate them.

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skinny teen physical

Look what I came across while surfing Doctor Tushy. One could never hope this gets so good. A teenage patient with a skinny body and flat abs. Yet her boobs are quite impressive.

And you should see the look on her face when the nurse inserts three fingers up her pussy. I could swear she is almost having an orgasm

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Blonde nurse doesn’t take long to get down to pelvic exam. Her hot latina patient lies full nude on the couch, her l egs spread wide. the nurse takes a close look at her genitals and gently fingers her vagina, then performs anal exam

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check out the exclusive video featuring female doctor using gyno speculum during medical exam

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petite nurse interviewed the bubble butt brunette before starting the physical exam. The patient hasn’t had her period for a month and a week and tho the pregnancy test is negative she wants to make sure.

so the nurse gets her on the table for cervix exam. it turns out she is not pregnant which is good news.

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white stockings nurse

sexy nurse tells her patient to take off her clothes and lie down

the nurse fingers her blonde patient’s pussy

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boob exam video

Nattie used to be quite a plain girl – plain face, not smart, body lacking curves and worst of all – almost no tits – just nipples on plain breast. That worried her too much, she wore push-up bras, putting stuff like socks into them to make her body appear sexier. She refused to take it off even during sexy time. That got on her boyfriend and he was on the brink of breaking up with her, so she had to hurry and have breast implants. Nattie had been saving for the operation for a long time. Now here they are – her gorgeous silicones. She is so happy with them, she cant hold her hands from touching them.
A month after the operation she comes to medical exam to check them

And as a free bonus comes the pelvic exam

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girl slowly undresses in gyno clinic as the nurse prepares her gloves for vagina exam.
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full nude gyno examination including gyno speculum insertion.
tushy exam flash video

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full nude medical exam

Blonde milf with nice firm boobs and round ass has come to the gyno clinic for a medical exam. Imagine her surprise when she heard she had to be full nude all thru the procedure.

She managed to cope with the shyness and we are lucky for she has the best ass ever 😉

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tushy speculum insertion flv

Dr. Bates gently touched Susan’s vulva, parted the hair and examined the outside lips. He ran his fingers along the lips, first the left side, then the right. Then he opened her inner lips, and examined the outside of her vagina and then up to her clitoris, which was just visible beneath it’s hood. Susan was very sensitive, and felt every movement of his fingers. She couldn’t help being a little sticky down below, and Dr. Bates wiped some of her female juices away with a small tissue. He noticed that her opening was small.

Then he took a small speculum and inserted it carefully. He had decided against any lubricant jelly, as she obviously was slippery enough. He gently stretched her tight opening and put two fingers just inside, and inserted the device between them, twisting it into position.

After examining her using a torch, and taking a swab, Dr. Bates removed the speculum. He told Susan that he would now feel inside her, and again put two fingers in her newly-stretched vagina and pressed up as he felt the outside of her abdomen. He couldn’t help but notice her nipples, which now were hard and erect. Susan truly was a lovely-looking girl.

Then, to Susan’s shock, he inserted a finger into her rectum at the same time as his other fingers were in her vagina, pressing between the two. Susan felt stretched and prodded beyond anything she had imagined.

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Nurse gyno exam movies

“Yes Erica, please go to the examination room I will be there in a minute,” came a feminine reply. I ask Mistress if her gynecologist was a woman as she led me into the examining room. “Of course she a woman Lori. You know that I would never allow a man to touch me let alone examine my breast or my pussy. Just the thought of a male touching my cunt makes me sick,” was her reply. Still holding the leash Mistress ordered me to kneel on my fingers beside her. As the doctor enter I was struck by her youth and beauty, she was almost as good looking as my Mistress.

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The doctor kissed and embraced Erica causing me to feel a pang of jealousy. The doctor sat down at a small desk and took out some forms. She then looked at me for the first time saying “Erica you lied! This creature is divine, she’s prettier than you said she was. The way she looks kneeli ng with that collar and leash, she’s a Dominant’s wet dream. Let’s get the questions over with quickly so I can see her naked, OK ?”.


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Teen brunette nurse exam

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