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Nurse Supena is fresh out of college. She needs a lot of practice. The experienced doctor teaches her well and nurse Supena writes everything down thoroughfully.

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Daniella is a strip dancer and the owner of the club she works at requires that all his models must be clean so every two months they all head to a gyno clinic for a complete physical.

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Some nice butt blonde is up for a good ol’ humiliation at the gyno clinic where women look their best on the gyno chairs with their legs up in the air.

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The nurse wrote down the answers to her routine questions as the blonde took off her clothes and sat on the gyno chair.

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The experienced mature nurse teaches her younger colleague how to perform a physical exam correctly. She guides her through all the stages of medical examination with this sexy latina patient. Movies are downloadable. Enjoy

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This brunette cutie was shy a little bit in the beginning but then the blonde doc got her relaxed

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The cute blonde got accepted as a secretary to a huge company and one of the company’s requirements is that the employee should be perfectly healthy. So she showed up at her doctor’s office and asked for a complete physical. The female doctor obliged. She checked her vitals and then breast exam was followed by pelvic exam.

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The doctor inserted her tongue up her patient’s cunt. As the surprised moan came from above she explained:

– That is the best way to find out if you have the tension problems I think you may have. Your vagina, or pussy as you call it, makes certain juices when it is tense. The only way to tell just how tense you are is to lick up some of the juice. The taste will tell. I must say, you have the taste I suspected you might have.

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Shy black teen had never been at a full physical checkup. She is embarrassed when the nurse asked her the basic questions like “when did you last have sex?” or “how many partners did you have?” She is most pissed off when the nurse tells her to lay on her back and spread her legs. She cannot stand the feeling of speculum inside her tight hole.

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The cute teen was accepted to college. She is about to leave her home town for campus. The last thing to do is have a medical exam list. So here she is and the doctor talks to her about the gyno exam and pap smear. The teen patient takes off her clothes for a full nude gyno exam and lays completely still on the gyno chair as the nurse prepares her gloves and a cotton bud.

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Above are downloadable videos of a sexy teen who is stark naked in the gyn’s office while the nurse carries out the medical exam routine. After checking flexibility the girl is placed on the gyno chair and her legs spread wide and the nurse slowly fingers her with gloved hand. Full gyno exam video

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Here come downloadable video previews from Doctor Tushy gyno exams. The videos here are reduced quality samples.

These videos feature a brunette teen with small nice tits. Slim blonde nurse wearing medical uniform performs breast exam. After which the nurse asked the girl to spread her arse cheeks and here comes the anal examination.

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Free downloadable videos of a latina nurse examining a sun tanned blonde. Watch her stick her finger in that tight asshole. More gyno exam videos

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Here are downloadable videos of blonde Beatka with huge boobies. She is so outraged with how the kinky male doctor treats her she cannot form words. She just lies there with her legs spread wide and tries not to cry of humiliation.

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