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The three desperate housewives are very keen on doing everything together. Apparently this time they are going to let the doctor examine their pussies in turn. All right, the doc is up to no fiddling. Here he comes with his plastic speculum.

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Chelsea doesn’t mind that the doctor who examines her is a man neither does she mind the presence of a very obviously bi-curious nurse. this gets quite exciting when the pelvic exam starts

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Doctor Jeffords  was very nice to me as I visited him today for my gyno examination and physical. He took down my vitals and even complemented me on losing weight though he regretted the fact that my arse became smaller. He counted my pulse and I could be damn sure it was elevated. Dear me look at that hunk. It felt so nice to feel his finger in my pink during the pelvic exam. I became so wet I started to feel embarrassed. But he either didn’t notice or was nice enough not to mention.

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Special delivery today. The blonde patient is eager as hell to undress when she sees the male doctor enter the exam room. She leans into his touch as he examines her boobs and all but moans when he inserts his finger for the vagina exam

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Here are downloadable videos of blonde Beatka with huge boobies. She is so outraged with how the kinky male doctor treats her she cannot form words. She just lies there with her legs spread wide and tries not to cry of humiliation.

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Busty blonde gyno exam

Meet Marina. She is a strip dancer in a club in Prague. She is very used to men staring at her nude body and to the occasional touches she allows them. She feels a little offended when the doctor at gyno clinic is thoroughly unimpressed by her coluptious body and big tits. The old doctor had seen so many beautiful girls throughout his career in medicine that he cannot bring himself to care.

Kinky Gyno Clinic

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Alena had the old doctor stunned the moment she walked in and threw off her clothes. Her body had it all – nice curves, round ass and beautiful firm tits. The picture is worth a hundred words anyway

She wasn’t quite fond of the breast exam as she was feeling that somehow the doctor was taking advantage of her by touching and touching her boobs ceaselessly and pinching her nipples which is not exactly part of a regular boob exam.
Finally he checked her blood pressure and then moved on to pelvic exam and after the vaginal exam he asked her to take a piss in a bowl for analyses

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Czech girl with plain breasts was up for a regular pelvic exam. She couldn’t quite relax in presence of the old male doctor who scrutinized her nude body.

Yet she managed to relax and enjoy herself when she lay on her back with her legs wide apart and the doctor’s fingers inside her vagina and brushing her g-spot.

The doctor assured her she will be okay and inserted huge gyno speculum into her cunt. She whimpered a little until the doc brushed her clit with his thumb.
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Doctor Jameson got a treat this time. His jaw fell as her saw the gorgeous blonde coming into his office. He invited her to sit on the gyno chair while he filled out the questionnaire.

When this was done he asked her to remove all her clothes and barely resisted the temptation to watch her pull down her blue pants

He asked her to step on the scales and looked at her bare ass showing from the medical gown.

By the time of breast exam he was already achingly hard. He asked her to drop her gown so that her perfect boobs were showing and started feeling them slowly. Feeling suddenly that she wouldn’t mind he tilted his head and started sucking on her breast.

The blonde was pleasantly surprised and relaxed under his expert hands. He slowly moved down kissing her abdomen and then lower, to her shaved pelvis and vagina. Watch the hardcore medical fetish video by Doctor tushy

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A special treat for pervy clinic clients – a tall teen babe with gorgeous curvy body. The doctor gave her an appreciating look as she stood there naked in front of him.

As she lay on the chair with her legs already in the stirrups the gyno doctor searched his tools for the metallic specula.

He carefully inserted it inside her pink cunt and spread it and fixed the specula.

He then used a flashlight to see her insides clearly. Her cervix is fully exposed in this movie.

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Friday special for the kinky gyno lovers. Sophie is 65 and is still sexually active with her 46 year old lover. She visits gyn annually to ensure everything is fine. She doesn’t feel in the least embarrassed when she lays there legs spread wide in front of a kinky doctor. She gets a gyno speculum inside her pink and apparently enjoys the stretch.

the doctor gets the best view of her cervix and is satisfied with what he sees. He then fingers her pussy to receive a nice response.

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check out these totally amazing pictures of a young Czech girl with a tattoo on her shoulder. The doctor put her into doggy style position to allegedly allow himself a better view for the exam.

He inserted his fingers into her vagina and stretched it.

Then he gave her a pussy enema

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Brunette old woman visits her gyno doctor. She takes off all her clothes and the doctor surveys her breasts and tongue. He uses flashlight to check her throat.

Then comes the time for vaginal exam. The doctor performs visual inspection and then carries out sensitivity test, which includes some fingering and dildo insertion.

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The old kinky doctor has his own ways of performing gyno exam. This time he decided his patient Gabriela needed some dp. He first carefully examined her vagina with a speculum.

after seeing that everything is fine inside her cunt, he shove a huge green vibrator up her cunt and a metal smaller one up her lubed asshole. Watch her wiggle and moan durinf kinky gyno exam.

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