mature gyno exam

mature gyno exam

Shy forty-something woman entered the doctor’s office one dull afternoon.

Little did the doc know she would be so much fun with her clean shaved pussy and body of a teenager.

He took great pleasure in examining her pussy and taking her rectal temperature.

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Alena had the old doctor stunned the moment she walked in and threw off her clothes. Her body had it all – nice curves, round ass and beautiful firm tits. The picture is worth a hundred words anyway

She wasn’t quite fond of the breast exam as she was feeling that somehow the doctor was taking advantage of her by touching and touching her boobs ceaselessly and pinching her nipples which is not exactly part of a regular boob exam.
Finally he checked her blood pressure and then moved on to pelvic exam and after the vaginal exam he asked her to take a piss in a bowl for analyses

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granny gyno exam

Brunette old woman visits her gyno doctor. She takes off all her clothes and the doctor surveys her breasts and tongue. He uses flashlight to check her throat.

Then comes the time for vaginal exam. The doctor performs visual inspection and then carries out sensitivity test, which includes some fingering and dildo insertion.

drunk mature gyno exam

A 38 year old woman has drinking problem. She starts her day with a shot of vodka and by the noon she is drunk as fuck. The day of her regular gyno exam was no exception. The old doctor doesn’t mind and enjoys getting her horny while he fingers her soft responsive vagina.

The exam ends up with a milk enema up the woman’s womb. Watch her squirt the liquid out of her cunt

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Sarah has recently got new job. before she can get to work, she is required to undergo a complete physical exam. She arranged an appointment and came on time for the exam. The nurse greeted her and started the medical exam

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