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Nurse Sally had just graduated and this is her first job in private gyno practice. When the tall patient starts to undress she turns her gaze away and blushes slightly. She checked her vitals just like she was taught, then examined her breasts and finally came down to what she dreaded most – pelvic exam. All went fine though.

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undressing for a medical exam

“Right well we’d better take a look at you then. Would you mind slipping off your jeans and T-shirt and jumping up onto the examining  table?” The instructions are given in such a calm, matter-of-fact  manner, that neither of the two females can sense the feeling of eager  anticipation the doctor is experiencing.

Heather tugs the jeans down over her slim thighs giving the doctor a great view of her firm bottom, covered in cream coloured panties.  They’re pulled up between the crack of her arse exposing a fair amount  of white cheek flesh either side. She quickly adjusts her knickers  before bending over to slide the jeans all the way down to her ankles.
gyno exam
After kicking off the jeans she crosses her arms and pulls the T-shirt  over her head, shaking free the long brown hair tied in a ponytail with  a red ribbon. the nurse takes the top, folds it  neatly down on the empty chair and drapes the jeans over the backrest.

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petite brunette complete medical

As the female doctor entered the examination room she instantly started explaining the gyno exam routine to ensure that the patient feels comfortable with it.

She asked the necessary questions and filled in the compulsory forms. As she did so the petite brunette patient slowly undressed and donned a medical gown.

The doctor started the exam with checking the vitals and then moved on to the breast exam.

Then the patient was told to lie on her back and spread her legs. The doctor put on her sterile gloves and inspected the insides of her vagina, then inserted a gyno speculum and took pap smear.

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Well I started with my duties, preparing to take her history, getting her height, weight, and blood pressure.  Her name was Sharon.  I asked her to take off everything but her bra and panties, then set to my own preparations in such a way she wouldn’t feel she was being stared at.  That is another technique that comes from experience.

Well, when I turned around to start, she was completely naked. I was startled but I hid it well.  I told her it wasn’t necessary for her to remove all her clothes just yet and she said she didn’t mind, that she wasn’t a modest sort of person.  And she was just as beautiful naked as clothed, with a figure like I had never seen before.  There she stood, still with her friendly smile, completely naked though she didn’t have to be, standing there in front of me, completely clothed.  My heart was beating harder and I could tell I was turned on.

full medical exam

One of the most tedious parts of getting a job for Jennifer is physical exam everyone requires when you succeed on the interview. She gave an irritated sigh when the employer told her she needed to sign up for a free medical checkup before she can start to work. So she did. She was willing to do everything quickly so she instantly undressed in the doctor’s office.

The doctor followed the physical exam routine, examined her breasts and then had her lying on her back with legs spread wide. The gyno exam was followed by anal exam.

The anal exam, speculum insertion and much more can be found in full medical exam videos

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Teen Alicia is used to medical exams. Her mother had her when she was seventeen because of lack of sexual education. She doesn’t want her daughter get pregnant too early and although Alicia is already nineteen now she knows all about contraception and has been visiting her gyn since she was fourteen. She had her first time at the age of eighteen and now has regular sex with baseball player from college. She feels relaxed at the exam so she doesn’t mind to strike a pose for the camera.

The nurse listens to her lungs with a stethoscope

checks her weight, flexibility of her body. then she tells her to lay on her back with her legs spread wide for the pelvic exam and anal exam

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Humiliating medical experience

The doctor kissed and embraced Erica causing me to feel a pang of
jealousy. The doctor sat down at a small desk and took out some forms.
She then looked at me for the first time saying “Erica you lied! This
creature is divine, she’s prettier than you said she was. The way she
looks kneeling with that collar and leash, she’s a Dominant’s wet dream.
Let’s get the questions over with quickly so I can see her naked, OK ?”.


I blushed red at hearing this remark. Apparently Mistress had told her
all about my submission to her which had only occurred a few days ago.
Erica had given me a job and seduced me all in the same day. Erica
showed me the ways of Lesbian Love, and experience that I will always
remember. I was under her spell immediately and when she told me she was
a dominate and wanted me to be her Slave. I really didn’t understand
what a submissive was. All I knew was that Erica did things to me that
made my body quiver with desire. I had agreed to become her Slave
because something deep inside of me, I can not explain, said this
beautiful woman loves you and if you let her she will protect you and
give you what no one else in the world can.


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It was really humiliating to know that another person knew of my
submission to Erica. Mistress was now speaking “Yes Lori is very pretty,
her training has just started. She has a lot to learn about pleasing me
and becoming more submissive before she attains full Slave Status.” The
doctor told me to stand. I looked up at Mistress and she nodded yes. I
quickly stood up, relieved that the pressure was off my fingers.

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