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Cute Sandra made an appointment with her gyn after she had unprotected sex with one of the baseball players from her college team. They were so busy licking and kissing and touching and all that they forgot to put on a condom. Now three weeks later Sandra suspects she might be pregnant and is scared to death. The gyn is going to check her vagina and after the urine analysis and pelvic exam Sandra will know for sure.

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The doctor inserted her tongue up her patient’s cunt. As the surprised moan came from above she explained:

– That is the best way to find out if you have the tension problems I think you may have. Your vagina, or pussy as you call it, makes certain juices when it is tense. The only way to tell just how tense you are is to lick up some of the juice. The taste will tell. I must say, you have the taste I suspected you might have.

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Cute blonde cheerleader came to the clinic for her regular checkup for she was threatened by her coach that she will be expelled from the team if she doesn’t bring the medical checkup list. She looks embarras sed but holds herself pretty well until the nurse sticks her finger inside her tight ass.

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Shy black teen had never been at a full physical checkup. She is embarrassed when the nurse asked her the basic questions like “when did you last have sex?” or “how many partners did you have?” She is most pissed off when the nurse tells her to lay on her back and spread her legs. She cannot stand the feeling of speculum inside her tight hole.

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Meet one of the best pairs of titties I’ve ever seen. They are perfectly round and big and those small nipples made me choke on my juice as I was surfing. In the videos below a cute young nurse examined these wonderful silicones. Gyno exam and anal exam as a bonus 🙂

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Dr. Sanders is having a good day today. His first patient in the morning is an embarrassed redhead teen. look how she tries not to look at him. He oozes the careful and professional look and makes everything to get her relaxed by the time the anal part of the exam starts.

he doesn’t exactly succeed, so when he inserts his finger in her asshole her muscles tighten and she moans with pain.

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